Interactive map highlights UK danger hotspots vulnerable to environmental and criminal risks

Shocking new research into social and environmental risks to the UK has highlighted the country's major danger hotspots.

The stats, compiled into an interactive regional map, uses historical data and official government research to bring to light the areas of the country most at risk of disaster.

The map allows users to select their region of the UK and learn more about the issues that have affected it throughout history, and the current threats posed now. From sinkholes, coastal erosion and earthquakes to the aftermath of the London Riots and burglary.

The map was completed by survival food company, Fuel Your Preparation, to highlight the need for people to be prepared for any eventuality. Diana Morris, Country Manager at Fuel Your Preparation said:

"This is a fantastic tool for anyone with even a passing interest in preparedness. It allows people to see what issues there have been in their area and what steps they could take to ensure their safety and the safety of the people they're responsible for."

In the UK, prepping is seen often as an extreme hobby, but the research into danger zones shows the importance of being fully prepared for any eventuality.

British prepper, Steve Hart, runs and spoke of his reasons for preparing for the worst:

"Too many people think they don't need to worry if disaster strikes and think that help is just a phone call away. I'm a prepper because I believe the exact opposite to that, I believe we should all have enough provisions and skills to ensure we are self-sufficient and able to ride out both short, and long-term disasters.

Essentially everyone is a prepper to some degree, you have a spare tyre in your car, maybe a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Why? What are you prepping for there? You have home insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, the list goes on. What are you thinking? Surely nothing can go wrong, can it? Why not add a few more essential provisions, like a store of long-term food and a means to filter water for safe drinking and up your survival ante? With me, I just take things a few steps further and believe we should be prepared for much more than just a flat tyre."

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Interactive map highlights UK danger hotspots vulnerable to environmental and criminal risks