Intellicig discovered 79% of consumers don't know where their e-liquid is manufactured.

79% of consumers aren't aware of where their e-liquid is manufactured and a staggering 72% don't know what ingredients are included in their e-liquid of choice.

187 participants took part in an electronic cigarette survey to determine if they knew enough about the e-liquid they were inhaling and by the collated results; they didn't.

146 of them admit to not knowing how many or what ingredients their e-liquid contains.

With all the questions circulating around electronic cigarettes, Intellicig felt the most important questions was 'Do you know enough about your electronic cigarette?' And do you?

It is estimated that more than 2 million people are now using electronic cigarettes in the UK. A survey carried out by YouGov in 2010 found that only 8.2% of current or ex-smokers had tried e-cigarettes but now more than 51.7% have tried an e-cigarette and when asked how often they used electronic cigarettes only 2.7% said on a regular basis, this figure is now up to 17.7% in 2014.

Intellicig ECOpure regular contains only three ingredients. Three and nothing else. It's made in the UK and vigorously tested at the University of Manchester. Intellicig made a promise to its consumers, no secrets, but how many others can make the same gesture?

Trudy de Groot, Head of UK Trade Marketing for Intellicig, said: "Intellicig are unique with having the purest and cleanest e-liquid*. And that's what we pride ourselves on. We take the quality of our e-liquid seriously and its extremely damaging for the industry and its consumers that others aren't taking the same approach. I ask, does this not matter to you?"

Intellicig is an electronic cigarette brand which is manufactured in the UK and based in Blackburn. They source their ingredients in the EU and since 2008, have built up 13,000 regular customers and now export to over 15 countries worldwide.

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*Etter. Et al (2013) "Analysis of refill liquids for electronic cigarettes"

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Intellicig discovered 79% of consumers don't know where their e-liquid is manufactured.