Improving IT performance with Stratiam®

Cambridge-based digital and IT change consultancy, Intergence, is proud to announce the launch of its Stratiam® software, which gives businesses the ability to improve IT performance by providing a single view of your entire IT infrastructure.

Many IT managers and leaders will know how complex and time consuming it can be keeping track of multiple IT services, applications, systems and devices, especially when they are located across different organisations and sites. Stratiam® software sits on top of your entire IT infrastructure and presents all of your IT data in one place at the touch of a button.

“When you can use a single platform instead of 30 plus across different teams and functions to visualise your data it can deliver powerful insights to pin-point service problems and stop them from escalating really fast” says Peter Job, Intergence CEO. “Our own use of Stratiam® has saved our clients 100’s of hours of downtime every week, keeping their organisations safe, secure and compliant and ultimately increasing the quality of service to their customers and teams.”

Stratiam® is a tool for the entire team providing a bird’s eye view of your IT ecosystem, with the ability to dive into the detail if required. Its SMARTTiles™ technology helps you quickly locate an issue, such as a security breach, and visually alert your teams to take corrective action. “SMARTTiles™ is the fastest way to drill down through multiple data-sources” says Peter Job. “The ability to catch people or things ‘in the act’, and affect the outcome, can be extraordinarily important” adds Peter Job.

Stratiam® was developed by Intergence’s in-house team of developers and data scientists, with over 20 years of experience, to solve real problems and with usability in mind. “Stratiam® is easy to deploy and simple to use because we designed it for both the business and IT user” says Peter Job. “By giving our clients a single view of their key data, they will have all of the information they need to improve everything from compliance, cyber security and device monitoring through to website and business performance” concludes Peter Job.

If you would like to learn more about Stratiam® then please email or call 0845 226 4167.


Intergence is a Digital and IT change consultancy, who solve complex Digital and IT infrastructure challenges end-to-end through consultancy, technology and managed services. Intergence support business growth and change through a proven combination of people, process and automation. Our team of design experts, engineers and consultants combine to deliver outcomes of real business value to your organisation.


Stratiam® correlates data from multiple sources and presents a unique single view of IT infrastructure using AI, allowing senior IT leaders to solve complex problems much faster and more cost effectively for their users and customers.

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Improving IT performance with Stratiam®