Imperyo: Tough Times Call for Tough Thinking

The world’s most successful business minds have all faced tough challenges at some point in their lives, however instead of buckling they grew strong enough to overcome them. Imperyo have been investigating what it really means to be tough in business and how strength can help secure success.

About Imperyo:

Whilst the business world may have moved away from the cliché of ruthless high flyers using underhand tactics to get ahead, there is no doubt that to make it big in business today, professionals still need to have a relativity thick skin. Business owners and those aspiring for entrepreneurial success come up against a plethora of challenges, many of which are unforeseen. To be able to overcome these potential threats, they must have the strength and character to make difficult decisions and move on when things don’t go as expected.

Imperyo, a Watford-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, believes that when it comes to succeeding in business, professionals must be willing to handle adversity and rise up, even when they feel the whole world is against them. The firm believes it to be important to note that whilst some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and James Dyson make success look easy, delving into their backgrounds will soon reveal that they struggled just like everyone else and that their success has stemmed from the strength and beliefs they possessed.

Imperyo are firm believers that tough times in business call for tough thinking and have offered some advice to help professionals become more mentally tough:

Aim High

Setting higher standards is the framework for success and ensures a professional carries out their responsibilities in the best way possible. Aiming high conditions a person to always push themselves and teaches them that when things don’t work out, there are other options at their disposal.

Keep it Professional

In small businesses especially, it’s important to have good relationships with staff, peers and associates. However whilst this boosts morale, when it comes to making difficult decisions it can blur a person’s judgement and lead them to make a decision that keeps people ‘on side’ but doesn’t necessarily support the business. Striking a balance between friendly and professional will help a small business owner do right by the business and its people, rather than a select few individuals.

Don’t accept Excuses

As a business owner it’s important to establish respect and authority if they are to steer a company to success. Setting deadlines and showing staff that they don’t stand for poor quality work or tardiness will help business owners to not only create a blueprint of what is expected within the organisation, but will help weed out any individuals who could be bringing down the morale of the team or impacting productivity.

Watford-based Imperyo is a leading provider of in person sales and marketing solutions and help brands widen their market reach and form stronger relationships with customers. Through engaging visual presentations and one-on-one communication, the firm acts on behalf of their clients to meet with customers and gain a clear picture of their individual needs. Imperyo then use the data collected through these interactions to personalise each customer’s experience, leading to better brand loyalty and a more positive market reputation.

Due to the hands on approach the firm takes to marketing and the high level of customer interaction, Imperyo are always urging their contractors to be more mentally resilient and go above and beyond the call of duty. This not only pushes them out their comfort zones professionally and gives them new goals to work towards, it also gives them the confidence to go out and deliver an exceptional service to customers from all walks of life.

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