Imperyo: Are you ready to Take on the Mannequin Challenge?

It's the new craze that is taking the internet by storm; The Mannequin Challenge is inspiring people across the globe to get involved and share their own take on the viral craze. Not wanting to miss out on the action, sales and marketing firm Imperyo became the latest business to take on the challenge.

Unless you've been living under a rock these past few weeks, you're probably aware of the latest craze sweeping the internet – the Mannequin challenge. Born from a trend that emerged in American High Schools last month, the mannequin challenge has flooded the internet with videos of people freezing for the camera and imitating mannequins. Since November there have been thousands of videos shared online of people taking on the challenge, in a number of impressive ways, from people taking on the challenge in some of the world's most beautiful locations, to crowds of over 3 thousand people freezing in unison at sporting events and concerts.

About Imperyo:

While the craze currently is just a bit of fun, it highlights the power of social media, and just how fast a message is spread when people are inspired to engage with it and take action. Previous incarnations of viral video crazes such as the ice bucket challenge have gone on to raise awareness of some serious issues across the globe. The Ice Bucket challenge itself had a significant impact on the awareness of Motor Neuron Disease, and the money raised through sponsorship of the challenge recently led to the discovery of a new gene associated with the disease, which experts are hopeful could result in new treatments in the future.

Other viral video challenges such as the Power of Make Up Challenge, which saw women across the globe reveal how makeup can change their appearance by only applying it to one side of their face, inspired thousands of participants and changed the way a lot of people think about makeup.

Imperyo, a direct sales and marketing firm based in Watford have been astounded by the impact these viral video trends have had on the world, and believe that the key takeaway for marketers is that, messages have a more profound effect when people can take action and be part of something. Rather than just being a spectator, people are more open to ideas when they have the opportunity to engage with the subject matter – which has become a driving force behind the firm's own approach to marketing. The firm focus on in-person, one on one marketing and take their clients campaigns directly to consumers. By interacting with customers face to face and offering them the chance to get up close and personal with their clients' brands, Imperyo can deliver a more meaningful service, increase brand loyalty and strengthen their clients' market presence.

As firm supporters of the growing trend of engaging viral videos, Imperyo recently decided to take a break during one of their morning meetings to have some fun and do their own mannequin challenge. The firm's video sees them pausing hard at work in the office, panning round to catch the whole Imperyo crew doing their very best mannequin impressions.

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