Imperyo Reveals Best Formula For Successful Leadership is Influence and Power

Direct sales and marketing firm Imperyo shares their formula for effective leadership, emphasising how the more influence a person has the more leadership they exert.

About Imperyo:

Sales and marketing experts Imperyo are confident that effective leadership can determine a business’ potential. Successful leadership can strengthen a corporate culture and create genuine motivation. Imperyo are keen to educate entrepreneurs on their ability to influence others in a more effective manner. In business, an individual’s reputation speaks louder than any business accolades that are noted on paper. Imperyo are keen for leaders to look beyond a strict managerial stereotype and incorporate alternative methods to create a more effective leadership style.

Imperyo outline different ways to impose power:

Expert Power – The easiest form of power to implement is adding value through expertise. A manager cannot learn every single person’s role within a team, however by gathering strategies for common concerns and issues, an empathetic response can be delivered in times of need.

Referent Power – Also known as charismatic power, this directly links to an individual’s likeability factor. By displaying reliable and trustworthy traits, a leader can summon power through respect. Members of a team will want to mirror characteristics that are positive to a team endeavour. This method requires consistency to be used as a long-term effect.

Reward and Coercive Power – Clear communication is key for this style as it involves relaying set criteria to reach a reward such as a financial bonus, incentive or promotion. Alternatively, a coercive approach promotes positive behaviours to avoid a series of consequences. This can be used if a team member is struggling to maintain focus or achieve minimum expectations.

Communication – It is crucial to decipher the common goal before a communication is made on a new or amended project. When messages are blurred or mixed, respect can be lost and leadership ability will become tarnished and can be difficult to fix.

Imperyo is a Watford-based outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in a unique form of direct marketing on behalf of their clients’ brands. The firm connects with consumers directly via face-to-face marketing methods, which allows them to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

The firm looks to educate their independent contractors on alternative leadership styles. By investing in their personal development, the firm believe that they are developing young entrepreneurs who are looking to strengthen local economies.


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Imperyo Reveals Best Formula For Successful Leadership is Influence and Power