Imperyo: 10 Reasons Not to Miss Your Next Business Event

After attending a string of important industry events in the past few weeks, Imperyo have shared the reasons why they believe business events should never be missed.

About Imperyo:

Imperyo encourage business professionals to attend as many industry events as possible. For themselves, this is vital for networking and learning industry skills and recently the firm attended a leadership and sales seminar in Novotel London West. Imperyo also recently attended an exclusive Black Tie Awards Gala Ceremony in Grosvenor Hotel London.

Imperyo attended these events in order to keep up to date with any industry changes, learn valuable new skills as well as maintain and develop new relationships with industry leaders. The firm encourage other professionals to attend as many industry events as possible as they believe it is vital for success. Here, the firm outline their top 10 reasons for professionals to attend their next business event:

Increase Visibility
Attending business events can be a key marketing strategy if done properly, highlights Imperyo. “Make sure your face and your message is in front of the right people and you will be the first person they recommend when they know someone who needs what you offer,” reveals the firm.

New Opportunities
Networking with people at events can lead to fantastic opportunities such as joint ventures, referrals and strategic alliances. “Be sure to follow up after the event to strengthen your relationships,” recommends Imperyo.

Keep up-to-date on industry trends
Attending business events allows professionals to gather information about current and future industry trends, which can give a business a leg up on their competition.

Be connected to key influencers
Business events allow professionals to make strong connections with those who have influence on the industry and to learn from them.

Learn from and be motivated by powerful speakers
Every business professional needs regular doses of motivation and these events provide expert speakers that will be of interest and spark inspiration.

Find solutions to problems
Business events can be great for solving problems including finding accountants and salespeople etc.

Hone your marketing message
“Use business events to practice and refine your elevator speech,” shares Imperyo. “Make sure it conveys in 30 seconds or less what solutions you provide, the type of clients you work with and the benefits of doing business with you.”

Entrepreneurship can sometimes be lonely, especially in the early days so take advantage of these events to socialise and stimulate the brain.

Recruit talent
“Business events allow leaders to enter into conversations with potential employees and get clear on what your needs are,” states Imperyo.

Understand your clients/consumers
Business events can be a perfect way to uncover what makes prospective clients/consumers tick and what ticks them off.

Imperyo is a Watford-based sales specialist agency. The firm work on behalf of their clients’ brands to ensure long-lasting and personal business relationships are established between brand and consumer. By connecting with consumers on a face-to-face basis the firm are able to guarantee an increase in customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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Imperyo: 10 Reasons Not to Miss Your Next Business Event