If antisemitism is unacceptable, why is Islamophobia OK?

The Holy Quran says: “Mankind is a single nation …” (Chapter 2, verse 213)

The Holy Quran teaches that all human beings are one nation. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) stated that a white person is not superior to a black person and the Arab is not-superior to the non-Arab. The only superiority that Islam acknowledges is in people’s deeds and nothing else. The Holy Quran states that everyone who has done even an atom’s worth of good will be rewarded for it, while anyone who has done even an atom’s worth of evil shall be punished for that, and it does not, in these statements, mention such people’s religion, sect, caste, creed or nationality.

That is why Muslims must condemn all discrimination. And this was why a sect of Christians asked Muslims to attack Spain and free them from the oppression of their co-religionists. This is the reason that, for as long Muslims ruled Spain, Jews were safe and equal partners in national matters. When Sulaiman the Magnificent heard of the plight of the Jews in Spain after the Muslims had been expelled, he sent ships to rescue them and take the Jews to Palestine. He also rebuilt a part of the wailing wall for them to pray at. The current Wailing Wall was built for the Jews by a Muslim king!

In the present climate, what we find is that whereas antisemitism is condemned, and rightly so, Islamophobia has become respectable. Eleven members of the Labour Party have resigned the Labour whip because of antisemitism. If antisemitism is rife in the Labour Party then they were, of course, right to do so.

The question we have, however, is this: where were these ladies and gentlemen when Messrs Bush and Blair attacked Iraq? Where were they when Tony Blair was lying to the British Parliament and Colin Powell was lying to the UN? Where were they when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq? Where were they when Iraqi cities were mercilessly bombed, killing innocent women and children? Why have they not demanded that Bush and Blair be tried for genocide and hanged, just like the Nazi criminals at Nuremburg? The list of such questions is a long one and we eagerly wait to see if they will have the courage to answer us.

This genocide of Muslims has plunged the Middle East into chaos. It has caused murderous terrorist attacks by criminal-minded Muslims in our own country. The question that these terrorists ask, therefore, is: “Is Muslim blood so cheap that these venerable persons with such lofty ideals cannot even be bothered to condemn the spilling of it?”

The Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaʻat Islam) was established in Lahore in 1914 to promote the informed understanding of Islam in the West. In the UK it operated the Shah Jehan Mosque in Woking until the early 1960s. Its new headquarters is at Dar-us-Salaam, 15 Stanley Avenue, Wembley, HA0 4JQ, UK. In 1924, in Berlin, it built the first mosque in Continental Europe of the modern era. The German Government recognises the Berlin Mosque as part of the German national heritage. From its European and other centres around the world this organisation has taught that Islam promotes peace, harmony and mutual respect between all communities and nationalities.

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If antisemitism is unacceptable, why is Islamophobia OK?