ICE HeadShop Announces Major Plummet in CBD Extract Pricing

ICE HeadShop is ecstatic to announce that there has been a steady plummet in the pricing for CBD isolate extract, a common ingredient in various CBD products, over the past four years. The company, which is one of the leading online retailers of CBD products in the United Kingdom, states just four years ago, the price of a kilo of CBD isolate averaged £18,000. Only six months ago, that price sat at £6000, and today, CBD isolate is selling for as little as £800 a kilo. CBD isolate isn't the only market where prices are plummeting. The company has also seen the price of Full & Broad-spectrum CBD oil decrease in pricing by 2/3 in the last six months alone.

According to ICE HeadShop, this plummet in pricing is a direct result of saturation in the market. As more suppliers, and growers, are coming on board, the market is starting to see an increase in supply. This increase, while still met with high demand, is beginning to make a curb on the gap between supply and demand, thus in return, decreasing product pricing for manufacturers.

This should be excellent news for CBD oil consumers. However, unfortunately, at this time, the price of many products from major retailers have not reflected this change in the cost of production, for example a product that now costs £2-£4 to manufacturer in todays climate is still retailing at £60-£100. This is unfortunate as CBD is an industry focused on health and well being, and that should always take precedence over profits.

While some may expect that quality is decreasing with pricing, this couldn't be further from the truth. Today, many companies are seeking out GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications on their products, manufacturing, and processes. This certification offers many benefits to consumers. This includes knowing that the product they purchased, was handled with care, and provides quality and purity from start to finish in the manufacturing process.

While other major retailers are not paying the price decreases forward to consumers, at ICE HeadShop, they believe in doing the right thing. At this time, you can find a variety of different GMP certified CBD isolate and distillate products for sale to consumers, wholesalers, and manufacturers with a price that directly reflects the plummet in CBD isolate pricing. Whether you are looking for bulk isolate or looking to try CBD for the first time, ICE HeadShop is the place to go. Here you can find everything you need when it comes to CBD.

ICE HeadShop predicts that the market will soon find a balance in pricing. In the near and extended future, they expect bulk isolate pricing to remain steady where it currently is with a slight margin for increase/decrease in consumer pricing.

Several factors attribute to the pricing of CBD isolate other than the simple math of supply and demand. These include but are not limited to the following;

  • The average cost to harvest a single acre of hemp is between £230 and £460.
  • The type of extraction technology utilised effects costs drastically. CBD that is extracted through the most state of the art extraction methods is going to be more costly but in return, offer higher quality, purity, and consistency in the end product.
  • Third-party testing and various certifications received by the manufacturer can also affect pricing. Seeing how many brands are required to have product testing in order to remain compliant with laws, it is natural in the business to consumer chain that this increase in manufacturing cost would trickle down to the end consumer as well.
  • It is estimated that the average cost of CBD Isolate is around £1 per 1000MG. Yet on average, consumers can expect to pay about £60 per 1000mg bottle of CBD oil. This number, however, can vary depending upon the specific brand and other ingredients in the product.

About ICE HeadShop

ICE HeadShop is a company based out of Devon UK. ICE HeadShop is a leading CBD online supplier that offers a high-quality range of products and accessories. ICE HeadShop was founded over ten years ago and provides the expertise, experience, and knowledge that you need to have confidence when purchasing CBD products online. All products offered by ICE HeadShop are 100% legal.

ICE HeadShop offers an incredible selection of CBD e-liquids, CBD energy products, CBD vape liquid, and much more. They also provide next-day delivery on most orders placed before 4 p.m. local time. ICE HeadShop also offer free delivery on all orders over £25. They also offer a loyalty rewards program for returning customers in addition to exceptional deals on a consistent basis. Deals such as 20% off all orders over £100. ICE HeadShop also provides wholesale opportunities for those interested.

If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the products purchased from ICE HeadShop, they offer an incredible return policy. Simply contact them ASAP, and they will work diligently to correct the issue or your money back! Shop with peace of mind for your CBD products at the one and only ICE HeadShop, knowing that the company has a 4.78-star rating based on more than 10,000 consumer reviews!

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