IATP Advocates that UK Trampoline Parks Adhere to Standards

Guest safety is a top priority for the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP), and in March 2017 IATP members were part of a BSI steering group that also included the Royal Society of Protection of Accidents (RoSPA), British Gymnastics, Environmental Health Officers, constructors, insurers and the Health and Safety Executive to create and introduce the BSI PAS 5000. This voluntary standard was developed for the trampoline park industry to help identify the risks in a trampoline park and ensure that duty holders can provide as safe and enjoyable experience as possible.

“In the UK trampoline parks have welcomed between 15 and 20 million visitors and although it impossible to completely remove the risks to customers, the IATP is committed to drive up safety standards across the UK. In the UK the IATP is encouraging all parks, Local Authorities and interested bodies to engage with the standards within PAS 5000. Where parks choose not to comply with the standards we would support enforcement action from the appropriate bodies to help avoid unnecessary injury to users.” Stated IATP UK Chair, Peter Brown.

Further Brown stated, “Our members have made a commitment to raising standards in line with PAS 5000 and from 1st September 2018 UK members will be required to demonstrate compliance through an independent inspection. We encourage all park goers to look for the IATP badge on park websites and on the door.”

The IATP is asking customers to be vigilant at trampoline parks, highlighting the following things that guests should look out for when choosing a trampoline park to visit:

o A risk acknowledgement and disclaimer.

o Safety briefings from staff.

o 1:20 jumpers per court monitor.

o All activities must be staffed.

o Is the area where you get on and off the trampolines soft under foot?

o Are the staff engaged in the activity of looking out for safety concerns?

o Is the park clean and well maintained?

o Is the park well lit?

o Are there any jumps over 6ft high into foam pits or Air Bags?

Founded in 2012, the IATP is dedicated to serving the interests of its membership and educating the trampoline park industry by promoting optimally safe operations, facilitating commercial success and stimulating growth of the trampoline park industry. The IATP is the trampoline park industry’s most ardent safety and injury prevention advocate. We closely monitor sports medicine, fitness and injury reporting and use it in a deliberate approach to the development of consensus safety standards for our members and for our industry. We encourage and support more investigation into strategies to prevent injuries at trampoline parks.

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IATP Advocates that UK Trampoline Parks Adhere to Standards