Hyundai Genpower Names Most Popular Generators as 'The Hyundai Inverter Generator Range'

Genpower Ltd is now well into the fourth year of affiliation with the manufacturing giant Hyundai corp., which has seen Genpower act as the UK's sole importer and distributor for Hyundai power products and equipment. And now, nine months into a very successful year, Genpower have decided to look back at what have been the most popular products amongst its customers. Making the decision as to which machines should get the award for popularity was relatively easy, with one range of generators flying well above the rest- the Hyundai Camping Leisure Inverter Generators. The leisure generators have been renowned for their hardiness and reliability, with many happy customers calling them 'top class' and claiming that they 'will never let you down!'.

It's easy to see why these leisure inverter generators have become the easy favourites; with their extremely sleek and well designed outlook and their vast range of advanced technological features they are unbeatable! One of the most appreciated features of these machines, present in all six of the Hyundai inverter generators, is their amazing pure sine wave technology. This allows the user to power up sensitive electrical equipment, such as laptop and mobile phone chargers, safe in the knowledge that sensitive internal components and circuitry will not become damaged.

The six generators in the Hyundai inverter range include the HY1000Si, HY2000Si, HY2000SEi, HY3000Si, HY3000SEi and the HY3600SEi. The machines each differ in terms of either their power output or starting method. Starting with a maximum power output of 1kw and going all the way up to a maximum power output of 3.4kw, you will definitely find the ideal inverter generator for all your power needs within this range, so whether you just need to charge your leisure battery or power your whole motorhome the ideal machine will be waiting at Genpower for you. Three of the inverter generators, the SEi's, host an electric start option meaning that they can be started with extreme ease. The user has the choice of three different starting methods for these three machines depending on their preference. These starting methods include a manual recoil start, electronic key start and a remote control key start. The remote control key start allows the generator to be started from a distance of up to 20 metres away by simply pressing a button on the key fob twice, making for a very simple start-up!

Each of the inverter generators are extremely lightweight and portable, with the HY1000Si weighing in at an extremely small and manageable 13kg! This allows the generator to be carried to wherever the power is needed with ease and means that transportation of these compact machines should never pose a problem.

All generators in the Hyundai Inverter Generator range can be purchased directly from Genpower, either through their website or over the phone, at extremely competitive prices. Genpower hosts many knowledgeable staff who will be more than happy to help you choose the correct generator that will be the most beneficial to you. For further information visit the website at

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Hyundai Genpower Names Most Popular Generators as 'The Hyundai Inverter Generator Range'