How Franking Machines Save Time for Small Businesses

News provided by Neopost on Wednesday 18th Jan 2012

Even though a lot more mail is sent electronically these days, small businesses can still benefit from the use of franking machines. Unlike mega scale business operations, most small businesses operate flexibly with multi-tasking work, with owners and staff often assuming multiple duties and roles apart from their original job description. In any type of business whether it is small, medium or big the mailing system is crucial as it can be important for cost, sales, customer satisfaction, cashflow and brand image. Franking machines can make a huge difference in a small business as these machines can cut the work of these multitasking employees. Franking also eliminates errors made by employees who paste stamps by guessing the relevant postage, either causing problems for customers by if not enough stamps are applied or wasting money by putting more stamps on than necessary.

The time saved on mailing will allow staff to focus on more valuable tasks. Limited office staff will not be required to make frequent trips to the post office, freeing them to engage in more productive work. Additionally, the franking machine acts as an office assistant with accurate knowledge of specifying postage amounts. Office workers are no longer required to run errands purchasing stamps, making random post office trips which can frustrate both the employer and employee when other work gets delayed as a result.

The franking machines produced at present automatically calculate the right postage. These modern machines have digital scales, allowing the user to place specific mailing items directly on the scale to obtain relevant weight. Then the user has to enter the items size, mail type like first or second class and type of postage in order to obtain the relevant postage amount. This sum can be directly printed on to bulk volumes of mail in the same specifications. Envelopes are placed in the machine for franking the postage direct on the envelope.

Small businesses can also look forward to using their franking machine as a powerful advertising and promotion tool as it can print the company logo on the mail item. Advertising through a franking machine not only help to cut down on the marketing budget but the entrepreneur can use the time and money saved to explore other lucrative avenues. For starting out companies a professional look of a franked mail will go a long way in establishing customer confidence and inspiring loyalty. Having the company logo placed across the envelope will also eliminate the need to invest on special logo embossed mail covers.

The traditional method of monitoring postage for book keeping purposes can be highly frustrating and involve a lot of paperwork for small amounts of money. However, the franking machine has the option of maintaining outgoing records of postage spend so that the operator clerk only has to make sure that arrangements have been made to pay for the postage so that the machine can be used. Bookkeeping can be organized and made significantly efficient with the use of a franking machine. Getting a franking machine need not be expensive as there is no need to buy it outright - may suppliers offer low monthly rental or lease rates so the cost is spread over a longer period. Most small businesses would find a standard franking machine with 2kg weight capacity sufficient for their business needs. Whether your franking machine is rented or purchased outright the cost can be recouped very shortly in terms of time and money savings.

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