How can we determine which processes benefit most from IT Automation?

The best way in which to answer this question is to determine what the administrator is most unhappy about. What is it that generates the biggest workload, or causes the most problems?

By way of example, let us consider websites. Every company has a website nowadays, with functions ranging from online shops and web portals to login features. It is crucial that these websites are always available, and the continual monitoring and management of servers and services is therefore key. In this case, automation would exactly define the process and reproduce it as a rule incorporating all essential objects and services. Appropriate software would then not only assume the role of ensuring ongoing availability, but independently (and almost always successfully) take steps to deal with potential problems.

Another good example of everyday use of automation is daily data backup - a further source of error requiring continual manual surveillance by the IT team. When hardware errors occur - a full tape, for example - data backup simply does not happen. The software displays an error message, and the rest is up to the IT administrators. The implementation of an automated rule to check all objects (including hardware such as data tapes) would result in errors becoming immediately apparent and, in most cases, being resolved automatically.

Furthermore, automation software is often helpful in classical cases such as overnight power loss. By taking controlthrough the UPS systemand shutting down all servers in turn, the software helps to avoid much unnecessary work and expenditure. AmdoSoft Systems, the developers of innovative automation software "b4," with its smart automation platform, give many more examples of processes for which automation has important benefits on their website as well as all other IT related operations. The "b4" graphical rules engine is a simple way to create rules which does not need knowledge of any programming language and offers a selection of standard rules. AmdoSoft is also one of the only companies who can offer a quick and efficient configuration of IT automation ready to be utilized.

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How can we determine which processes benefit most from IT Automation?