Horror Classics Reimagined: Dead & Read Merges Literature with Heavy Metal Culture

News provided by Dead & Read on Tuesday 31st Oct 2023


  • Dead & Read launches a unique fusion of classic literature with a heavy metal twist.
  • Max Minerva’s Co-Founder, Sam Taylor, brings his expertise from both the music and book industries to the forefront.
  •  Literature lovers can now express their passion with exclusive merchandise including posters, t-shirts, and collectibles.
  • Limited Edition Collections: Only 666 copies featuring classics like Frankenstein, The Turn Of The Screw, and In A Glass Darkly.
  • World-Renowned Artwork: Illustrations by Dan Mumford, known for his work with Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Bristol, United Kingdom - October 31, 2023 - Dead & Read, a trailblazing literary venture, is thrilled to announce its Kickstarter launch, aiming to revolutionize the world of classic literature. With the infusion of heavy metal aesthetics, Dead & Read bridges the gap between literary enthusiasts and rock culture, epitomizing the innovative spirit of its founder, Sam Taylor.

Reviving the Classics with a Roaring Beat

Bookish fans have pondered over the absence of merchandise for classic literature in the same way the music industry celebrates its artists. Recognizing this void, Sam Taylor, whose career has crossed over from music to books, was inspired to provide literature fans with high quality, collectible art. With Dead & Read, Taylor seamlessly blends the reverence for classic literature with the edgy, rebellious spirit of heavy metal.

Merchandising the Classics 

Key Features of Dead & Read's offerings:

  •  Reimagined book covers combining the charm of classic tales with heavy metal designs.
  • Exclusive apparel including t-shirts showcasing iconic literary figures in heavy metal renditions.

“As a live music fan, I love the ability to collect posters and other merchandise that keeps the memory of the moment alive. The music industry really knows how to give their fans covetable and collectible memorabilia, which is just not something you find with books. So this Halloween, we’re launching our first collection of Classics - 3 Horror titles with a Heavy Metal twist,” says founder Sam Taylor.

Beyond The Books: Dead & Read’s Authentic Merchandise

The artistic elements extends beyond the pages. Every book is complemented by screen-printed t-shirts and signed posters, turning each piece into a collector's dream. The horror-heavy metal blend is visually represented by the spellbinding illustrations of Dan Mumford, who has a rich history of creating for rock legends like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

This is Dead & Read’s first Kickstarter, inviting readers and music lovers to wear their passions, quite literally, and proclaim their love for age-old tales with a contemporary twist.

Horror x Heavy Metal: An Unparalleled Edition

With just 666 copies of each horror classic, these collections are exclusive masterpieces. This iconic number pays homage to the horror genre and the brilliant imagery that goes with it.

Dead & Read’s collections are the future for literature and music lovers Dive into the tales, wear the stories, and embrace the rhythm. Visit Dead & Read's Kickstarter page to secure your limited edition collection.

About Dead & Read

Dead & Read is a literary initiative by Sam Taylor, co-founder of Max Minerva’s Books, an independent bookshop with locations in Bristol and Portishead. With a history in both the music industry and book trade, Taylor envisioned a platform where literature and music collide, resulting in collectibles that fans across both realms would treasure. Dead & Read is more than a brand; it's a revolution in the world of literature and music.

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