Health and fitness in bite-sized chunks: new website launch shows how to keep fit and healthy starting with 5 minutes a day

A small group of fitness pros and business owners are launching a new concept in health and fitness to get everyone more active, even if they are complete novices.

The founders are Essex based Angela Knox, Scott Macey and Mark Nicoll.

Keep Fit Eat Fit Ltd a new website that has been nearly 2 years in the making, and it offers a unique membership model providing video based exercise routines to people of all levels, including complete beginners and those who don’t have access to gyms.

As well as the paid fitness memberships, all visitors to the website have access to a constantly expanding library of healthy cooking shows and recipes, as well as a wealth of written information which informs people about all aspects of health and fitness. There is also an online shop selling a range of high quality food products, branded clothing and environmentally friendly vacuum water bottles.

This website was conceived after the founders realised that huge amounts of people spend large chunks of their life sitting down, and not doing any exercise at all – or the frequency is so random due to their busy lifestyles that it has no sustained benefit.

They also realised that there is a limited supply of high quality websites offering information in an easily digestible form, and decided that production values were key in order to clearly show people what to do, how to perform exercise properly, and to encourage people to get involved with healthy eating. To this end, the partners have set up their own film and photographic studio which they have built for the purpose of content creation, as well as hiring to external clients.

Angela Knox, Marketing and Commercial Director of Keep Fit Eat Fit Ltd, said: “There is a massive problem in both the UK and internationally when it comes to real accessibility of practical information on health and fitness, especially for people who haven’t got into the exercise habit or learned how to cook healthily. We think we are really plugging this gap and helping people to change their lives in a cost-effective and straightforward way.”

The main module within the fitness area of the website, ‘For Fitness’ offers a membership plan which consists of 3 videos a week being delivered to the member, with a reminder emailed to them to go to their portal to view the videos and carry out the exercises. All the videos are demonstrated by professional fitness trainers who are specialists in their field.

The exercises in this module can be done anywhere, with no equipment – so if you are at your desk, at the kitchen sink, in the park, or waiting for a bus, you can practise all the movements and increase your fitness. There are 3 options with this membership – 5 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, and 15 minutes a day. And members can repeat the videos as often as they like, so could piece together a longer workout if they have time and want to up the pace.

Another exciting option is the ‘For Mums’ module, which operates on a similar principle, with exercises specifically for pre and post-natal mums. The pre-natal membership is completely free of charge, and the post-natal one offers 10-minute videos 3 times a week in a similar way to the ‘For Fitness’ module, but with specific exercises tailored to post-natal mums.

Other modules are in development and will follow later in the year.

There is also a corporate option which allows companies to provide memberships for their staff – either funded by the company itself or their employees, however it is a great perk for the HR manager or company owner to offer given the need for corporate responsibility for the welfare of employees, and the need for offering something extra to their staff which differentiates them from other employers.

As mentioned above, the cooking show videos demonstrate a range of quick and healthy recipes which are free to view, and also allow people to purchase some of the products which are available in our shop. These are provided by Ritter Courivaud Ltd, a company with a royal warrant, who are a high class provider of fine foods and ingredients from across Europe which are usually only available to trade customers.


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Contact information:

Angela Knox

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Keep Fit Eat Fit Ltd


tel: 0203 868 2505

mobile: 07920 820258


The website will be launched in its full version on March 1st 2018. There is currently a temporary version which is live, however it does not include any of the functionality that will be available on the new site.

For more information on how the new site will work, please contact us.

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