HaveAndSeek - The UK's answer to the Goliaths of the internet.

HaveAndSeek, a revolutionary platform designed to help users exchange items, has launched. The idea behind the website is to plug the gap in the market for a user-friendly, innovative straight-swap venue.

More often than not, people usually sell a possession with the intention of buying another one; usually in the same product category. Selling items can be expensive and finding a new one can be tiresome, so why not just swap?

Although it might sound laborious, HaveAndSeek takes all of the effort out of the equation. HaveAndSeek has been designed in the most user-friendly way making it both easy to navigate and use. The website is aimed at mothers, fathers, children, teachers, students, boys, girls and everybody in between; everybody can benefit from HaveAndSeek. The process of listing an item to trade is simple and matches are returned instantly. It is also a very secure platform offering qualitative feedback for each user for each trade they execute.

HaveAndSeek is a great tool for anyone. Parents can use it as a tool to teach children how to barter rather than spend money. A great example of this is video games. It is also great for the older user; part-exchange of a car can be arranged in the blink of an eye, for example.

HaveAndSeek really is a one-stop platform offering a wide range of features and optional parameters that leave total control in the hands of the user. The real focus is on a positive customer experience and the site, on every page, encourages user feedback by way of error reporting, improvement suggestions or just general feedback.

Best of all, HaveAndSeek is 100% free to use.

HaveAndSeek is a British start-up with a view to achieve global dominance whilst maintaining its UK roots. This is only the beginning for HaveAndSeek. The long term aim is to continually develop the site and the services on offer so more and more people can benefit in more and more ways.

Visit the site now at https://www.haveandseek.com/

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HaveAndSeek - The UK's answer to the Goliaths of the internet.