Harper Robson Celebrate Consecutive Successes

Edinburgh-based Harper Robson has experienced a string of successes over the last few weeks. The firm has reported why they are so committed to celebrating the success of their contractors and lifting them up.

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Based in Edinburgh, Harper Robson is a successful sales and marketing firm leading the crowd with their innovative in-person marketing campaigns. The company’s campaigns, which they create and deliver on behalf of a wide variety of brands, are designed to maximise brand awareness and increase market share across Scotland. The firm’s unique face to face platform allows true brand loyalty to increase through personalisation and offers customers a rare opportunity to connect with a brand and receive a unique and memorable brand experience.

Harper Robson is keen to celebrate successful projects and achievements by their contractors. The firm promotes a supportive and thriving culture which has attributed to their successful run of business over the last 24 months. Harper Robson is proud of their contractor’s achievements, and recently they have been breaking sales records and achieving professional goals in industry record pace, these accomplishments will accelerate the rate in which they can progress in their future careers within the industry.

Harper Robson report the advantages brands can gain through celebrating success in business:

1. To learn and adapt – When things are going well it is important to analyse why and how can this be replicated in any other areas of the business to deliver better results.

2. Developing a success mindset – When positive thoughts can reproduce it creates a feeling of capability, this can accelerate all natural abilities to achieve greater results.

3. Motivation – Post celebration mind-set is one of limitless capacities, confidence peaks and capabilities are heightened, and momentum is achieved.

4. Happy chemicals – When humans achieve something or anticipate completing something their brains release dopamine, the natural feel-good chemical. By celebrating mini milestones, as well as big goals, the brain gains more opportunities to release more Dopamine.

5. Sharing success – When people share in the success, they get to encourage all the above points with others. When groups experience shared success, their capabilities become limitless.

Harper Robson will continue to promote and share their contractors’ successes, big and small they wish to create a positive aura around their business activity. Their promotional services centre around customer experience, by nurturing their company culture they can offer unrivalled representation for their clients.

Source: http://www.brilliantlivinghq.com/6-reasons-why-you-should-celebrate-success/

Harper Robson is passionate about providing a first-class service to all of their clients. Follow them on Twitter @HarperRobson and like us on Facebook.

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