Haiken unveils new showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week

Haiken is on a mission to change the way people think about office furniture – starting with its newly redesigned showroom

A fresh face on the London office furniture scene, Haiken will complete its new showroom just in time for Clerkenwell Design Week. During the event, Haiken plans on showcasing its wide range of design-led, flexible office furniture products in an inspiring setting – including some exciting new additions.

A new soft and outdoor seating range will make its way into the refreshed showroom, alongside Haiken’s latest approach to a height-adjustable desk. Haiken recognises the utmost importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace and aims to make a positive impact with its new furniture additions.

Managing Director of Haiken, Craig Gulley, says, “We’re extremely excited to take this next step as a business. Having our showroom refurbished is a vital part in showcasing how our office furniture can create inspiring workplaces. We can’t wait to welcome everyone during Clerkenwell Design Week.”

Alongside its elegant approach to the traditional office setting, Haiken has introduced modern solutions to age-old challenges, such as the ergonomics-focused Flexure range of desks. Height-adjustable desks can prevent back problems, increase performance and improve circulation. The new introduction to the Haiken range has a telescopic frame that makes it future-proof for the ever-changing workforce. Flexure will appear alongside Haiken’s variety of task seating, which is fully adjustable and offers incomparable user comfort.

To support its ongoing mission to create inspiring workplaces built for the future, Haiken has teamed up with new partners, including lighting design firm Synergy, to put the showroom in its best light. By partnering with inspiring companies who transform interior spaces and exceed customer expectations, Haiken is able to push forwards with its goal to offer unique styles of furniture that will shape the way office furniture is seen and create inspiring workspaces.

The project’s lead interior designer, Simeon Thompson from JSJ Design, said, “As well as offering a design-led backdrop for Haiken’s furniture, the new-look showroom features lounge areas for visitors to dwell and consider their own designs. We’ve created pockets of visual interest using light and incorporated nods to biophilic design with natural materials, planting and a living wall. The overall feel is a calm, creative space.”

In addition to new partners, Haiken remains loyal to the partnerships it has established over the years. This includes the award-winning Noti furniture, which will be featured within the showroom. The Noti furniture range is created using products, services and technologies that reduce environmental impact. Haiken does this by bringing down the consumption of energy, raw materials and other valuable resources, something that Haiken truly values.

Haiken will also be showcasing Zilenzio products, which create healthy acoustic surroundings in various settings by employing an innovative and elegant approach to sound absorption. Zilenzio is committed to quality and sustainability by using products such as stone wool made from natural stone containing no plastic or dangerous substances, as well as FSC certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. Zilenzio furniture such as the Mezzo wheeled whiteboard, the sound-absorbing Arc floor screen and the mobile Zorla planter will be available to view in Haiken’s new showroom.

Similar to Noti and Zilenzio, Haiken is building a sustainability focus into the materials it uses for its range of products. Some of the new furniture range will use Fenix materials, which is anti-fingerprint. With daily use, micro-scratches on the surface are also thermally repairable, giving the material a longer lifespan. Furthermore, Fenix is now carbon neutral, meaning that based on the total quantity of square metres sold monthly, Fenix contributes to the reduction of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. As sustainability is part of Haiken’s values, teaming up with businesses that focus on sustainability and making the world a better place helps Haiken to create a better tomorrow.

A key element of creating a better future is enabling workspaces that support the hybrid model. Haiken knew it was crucial the new office furniture presented in its showroom redesign reflected the hybrid future of the workplace as much as possible, including a new co-working desk allowing for improved collaboration among employees in workspaces.

Alongside its office furniture, Haiken has introduced smart storage solutions with built-in technology from LoQit. The state-of-the-art smart locker system is easy to use and allows workers to have an allocated smart locker to hold their personal belongings and charge their phone, while the user-friendly system provides the administrator with a low burden through the self-management application. From locker management software to cloud management and system integration, the smart storage solution Brunel makes it possible. Smart technology such as this is perfect for workspaces that are changing to a more hybrid working model as the smart lockers are flexible and provide an easy-to-use space to store items away.

Haiken’s new showroom provides a platform to showcase its office furniture in an inspiring setting. It is set to unveil its newly designed showroom at 121-131 Rosebery Avenue during Clerkenwell Design Week, which commences on 24 May. Visitors will be able to discover Haiken’s new office furniture on display while enjoying a range of refreshments, including made-to-order bubble waffles. Haiken and Synergy will also be hosting a series of thought-leadership discussions featuring leading industry figures such as Basha-Franklin’s Creative Director Nicola Osborn. Pre-registration will be essential for the panellist discussions.

To find out more about Haiken or to register for the upcoming events, visit haiken.com

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