“Growth is on the horizon” reveals A. Innova

Sales and marketing specialists, A. Innova has revealed that they are weeks away from opening their third office location in South Wales and what this means for the growth and development of their company.

Sales and marketing specialists, A. Innova has confirmed rumours of an expansion by announcing they are just weeks away from opening their third operation in South Wales. This process will involve launching a new personalised marketing campaign for the firm’s latest clients in the South Wales area in order to connect with their client’s ideal consumers in person and increase brand awareness.

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Having previously run a successful marketing campaign in Liverpool, A. Innova only expanded to Cardiff at the end of 2016. It is a phenomenal achievement to have accomplished so much growth in this short time period that the firm now needs a total of three offices in order to manage their campaigns.

As specialists in personalised forms of direct marketing, A. Innova attracts clients who are trying to grow their own businesses by attracting new customers. The firm’s personalised marketing methods attract a wealth of clients who aid A. Innova’s growth and in turn, the firm provides increasing sales, customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for these clients. A. Innova offers a 100% guaranteed return on investment.

However, A. Innova’s main source of growth comes from being able to produce top talent through their business development opportunity. This curriculum allows A. Innova to help those with little or no experience in sales and marketing and develops them into industry experts able to head up their own office spaces. To do this the firm helps each individual develop vital skill sets through daily workshops and coaching sessions. By producing top talent, A. Innova can then task these individuals with heading up their own extensions of the firm, allowing their growth to continue and for top results to be delivered to their clients.

With the firm’s latest expansion set to launch in a matter of weeks, A. Innova’s Managing Director Jamiesh Holait has revealed how he is hoping the firm will be able to continue this steady growth throughout 2017. “We are producing talent at a fast pace and Wales is proving to be a hugely successful location for us. I believe we will expand into numerous new locations and be able to offer personalised marketing services to multiple new clients by the end of the year,” stated Mr Holait.


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“Growth is on the horizon” reveals A. Innova