A.Innova's Jamiesh Holait outlines the importance of planning during a leadership conference

Last weekend, A.Innova’s Managing Director Jamiesh Holait joined some of the most successful figures in the sales and marketing industry in Manchester for a leadership conference.

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As part of the conference, Mr Holait delivered a speech on the importance of planning to be successful.

As a successful business owner who also dedicates a lot of his time to training and mentoring young professionals, A.Innova’s Jamiesh Holait is acutely aware of the measurable benefits planning can have when looking to achieve successful outcomes.

During a speech last weekend for a leadership conference in Manchester, Mr Holait explained how he plans for the week ahead every Sunday to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

Mr Holait attributed his burgeoning success to his ability to make plans for the week and months ahead consistently and went on to share his reasons on why planning is so important.

Helps channel the focus to the right resources - As a small business owner, Mr Holait appreciates the challenges that are faced when dealing with limited resources. During his speech, Mr Holait explained that planning could help entrepreneurs make effective decisions about the different areas of a business that needs to be allocated certain resources.

Helps establish goals - It is universally accepted that organisations that set clear goals and objectives for themselves are more likely to succeed than those who fail to establish achievable targets. Mr Holait believes that entrepreneurs that incorporate their overall goals into their planning process will be on track to stay focused and motivated.

Helps build camaraderie - Mr Holait believes that an organisation’s success is dependent on an individual’s ability to create a positive culture that promotes camaraderie. By implementing a solid plan that ensures that their workforce is aware of their day to day tasks and responsibilities, Mr Holait states that organisations will be able to increase their productivity and retention rates dramatically.

Helps create competitive advantages - Planning can help entrepreneurs evaluate and compare their strengths and weaknesses to that of their competitors states Mr Holait. By having a clear understanding of the actions of their competitors, Mr Holait believes that it can act as an advantage as it enables entrepreneurs to identify potential avenues for growth quickly.

Based in Cardiff, A.Innova are a sales and marketing firm that deliver innovative direct marketing campaigns on behalf of the brands they represent. By using interactive displays, presentations, promotions and demonstrations during events, the company can increase their clients brand exposure and customer acquisitions. Their cost-effect and personalised marketing campaigns allow them to make genuine connections with consumers, which in turn increases brand loyalty for their clients.

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Source - http://smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-planning-organization-1137.html

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