Go Vegan World Calls on Aer Lingus to Cater for Vegans

Go Vegan World has written to Aer Lingus to point out that they are currently in breach of their legal obligations under European human rights and equality law, by failing to cater for vegans on flights. They have called on Aer Lingus to improve their provision and to confirm to them when they have done so. Aer Lingus has undertaken to carry out an internal review of vegan provision but has refused to confirm to Go Vegan World what, if any, changes they will be making. Go Vegan World is asking vegans who fly with Aer Lingus to let them know about their experience in terms of accessing vegan food and drink, in order that they can take this up with Aer Lingus should things not improve.

Director of Go Vegan World, Sandra Higgins, noted that: “It is unacceptable that vegans are not catered for as well as non-vegans on Aer Lingus flights. While it is possible to obtain a vegan meal on some flights, this involves a cumbersome process of calling Aer Lingus after a flight is booked, often with considerable time spent trying to explain what is required, as Aer Lingus does not have a clear labelling system for vegan food and does not appear to train its staff in this area. It ought to be as easy to book a vegan meal as it is a non-vegan meal, and the quantity and quality should be as good when the food is served.”

Barbara Bolton, in-house lawyer with Go Vegan World, pointed out that: “The vegan conviction that it is wrong to use and kill non-human animals is protected under European law human rights and equality law in the same way that religious beliefs are protected. Of course, veganism is not a religion, but it is a fundamental conviction that is given the same level of respect under the law as are religious beliefs. This means that vegans have the right to live according to their conviction, avoiding animal exploitation in all its forms, and they must not be discriminated against.”

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Go Vegan World Calls on Aer Lingus to Cater for Vegans