GMIC Live Features All-Star Lineup of Frontier Tech Speakers on September 24-25

The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) Live Pro will kick off on September 24, with over 70 speakers and 100 companies joining the event under the “Scaling Up” theme. This is GMIC’s 2nd online edition and it will fully showcase the digital transformation accelerated by Covid-19 and how technology continues to enable growth and connect the world.

The conference will feature cross-border live streams from six tech capitals including Beijing, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Bangalore, London, Tel Aviv. Participants from these innovation hubs will join the Thought Leadership Summit and Global Marketing Summit to discuss the trending topics with global viewers.

Participants include top-notch scientists from Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, Oxford, and tech giants from companies such as Google, Twitter, Digital Holdings, Pinduoduo, Perfect World, GSK, leading crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, cryptocurrency platform Ethereum and top unicorn companies like Graphcore from the UK and NIO from China.

The Silicon Valley investing guru Tim Draper and Ethereum’s genius creator Vitalik Buterin will gather for their first dialogue on the chances & applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Feng Xiao from Wanxiang BlockChain and Xinjun Liang, Former Vice Chairman of Fosun will also join the panel.

In the session of “Speculations of the Future Technologies”, scientists and industry leaders will share their latest research and findings in AI Robotics, Brain-Computer Interface, Quantum Computing, and discuss the impact generated by these technologies. The all-star lineup includes UC Berkeley Professor Pieter Abbeel and Stuart Russell, Oxford professor and “Superintelligence” author Nick Bostrom, Neurable CEO Ramses Alcaide, and D-Wave Vice President Murray Thom.

The World’s Top Innovation Lab Series will feature Harry Cliff, Particle physicist at CERN, and University of Cambridge taking the audience on a whirlwind tour of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research and home to the world’s largest and most ambitious experiment, the Large Hadron Collider. He will take us on a deep dive to explore the engineering of this huge machine, and what physicists hope to discover through its high-energy collisions.

Israeli Entrepreneur and Investor Yossi Vardi, Feng Jiang the Editor-in-chief of the People's Daily Overseas Edition Japan, and Indian sinologist B.R. Deepak will take questions from the GMIC community and online viewers in the “Ask Me Anything” session and share their observations on the knowns and unknowns in Israel, Japan, and India.

Leading AI companies Arbe Robotics, Graphcore, AI21 Labs will showcase the in-depth research in radar and autonomous-driving technologies, AI chips, and Natural Language Processing.

The Global Marketing Summit will highlight trends & strategies on expanding businesses in foreign markets, digital transformation of the entertainment industry, AI and Big Data adoption to improve marketing strategies, 5G applications, data privacy, brand safety, etc. Featured participants include Twitter, Condé Nast, Ogilvy, Infobip, and Founders Space.

The organizers are expecting GMIC Live pro to gather over 100 million viewers globally this upcoming September. The event will be live-streamed on the GMIC homepage, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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