• An increase in drone-related insurance claims due to new craze of drone-led dog walks
  • Damaged drones reported along with leads and dog walking equipment
  • Is this the latest innovation for quadcopters and drones?

An increasing number of insurance policies have been taken out for drone cover due to the popular new craze of drone-led dog walking according to research by Guardcover. The trend is suspected to have been as a result of a number of busy pet owners wanting to take their dog for a walk but without the free time to do so.”

In what is just the latest in a series of innovations in the world of drone use, it is suggested that dog owners are opting to take their pooch for a walk using a drone in order to ensure the animal is able to still have its daily exercise while the owner is busy at work or unable to head out of the front door themselves.

It’s unclear what may have started the trend, but research by Guardcover, the Gloucester-based insurance firm which provides expert cover for camera equipment, including drones, through photoGuard, and cover for the nation’s cats and dogs with petGuard, has found a sudden spike in the number of claims from drone users whose equipment has been damaged in popular dog walking routes across the UK.

A large number of the damaged drone claims were reported as having received damage from a dog lead and, on inspection, some had also been found to have developed electrical faults due to the presence of drool. Thankfully, there have been no reports of any pets being injured in any instance of a claim.

Alex Bennett, Head of Marketing at Guardcover, said: “This is an entirely new phenomenon that we’re seeing. We knew that there were many uses for drones, whether it’s for aerial photography, or capturing film, but we didn’t expect to them to become the newest companion to our faithful friends.”

“We’ve all heard of giving a dog a bone but giving a dog a drone was new to us.”

“With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we understand that people are working longer days and perhaps have less free-time. This appears to be leading pet owners to find innovative ways to help make sure their faithful friend is still able to get its daily exercise, but does this mean that we no longer have enough time for our pets?”

It’s thought that heavier hounds, such as the Retriever, Boxer and German Shepherd are more likely to be spotted out for walkies with their flying friend. Smaller pups such as the Chihuahua and Shih Tzu seem to represent something of a flight risk.

Where next for drone/pet relations is currently uncertain. Perhaps drone manufacturers will add attachments to play frisbee? Maybe we’ll see the first cat rescued from a tree by drone? The sky really does seem to be the limit.

Pet owners are actively discouraged from considering using drones to take their pets for a walk. Instead, the more traditional approach of leaving the house with your dog is still best practice.


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