Get in the zone and achieve results with Smarktivity's motivation hacks

Smarktivity has been investigating motivational strategies and how a lack of motivation leads to failing to achieve goals. To avoid a loss of motivation and stay on track, the Birmingham-based firm has been discussing how to remain motivated and in the zone, and capable of achieving desired results.

About Smarktivity:

Smarktivity is committed to consistent professional development and providing ongoing support and guidance through their entire workforce. The firm is keen to cultivate a business environment which motivates and inspires all involved and to achieve this, company's enterprising company CEO runs daily meetings. The business owner is keen to endorse motivational tactics, ensuring each and every day gets off to the best possible start and everyone is fully equipped for the day ahead. In this week's meetings, the company discussed a number of effective motivation hacks including:

Visualising the Obstacles

Smarktivity encourages professionals to envision any recurring obstacles standing in the way of their success, for example, “What occurrences are preventing a professional from having a great week?” The firm believes thinking about these obstacles and writing down what can be done to combat them will result in eradicated their ability to stunt productivity, when they inevitably arise.

Keep a Scorecard

To stay in the zone all week long, the firm endorsed the importance of keeping a scorecard of productivity whether that be how many goals are achieved, clients are contacted, or targets are hit every week. The act of keeping score helps keep people on track, both visually and mentally, and helps boost motivation throughout the week.

Play to Strengths

It is easier to stay in the zone if a person is focusing on activities they have a natural inclination for. Spending time on the things they resent will drain a professional's energy and motivation so, if possible, they should eliminate any activities which are not 100% productive in the overall achievement of their goals and are not in line with their natural strengths. If a professional cannot limit an activity altogether, they should consider outsourcing or automating it.

Smarktivity's mission is to be bright, colourful and passionate in everything they do. Their brand was conceptualised on the idea that over half of the world’s species live in a jungle environment, and the Birmingham firm feel like this represents the amount of sales and marketing businesses out there – but unlike the rest, Smarktivity aim to be different and the best at representing their clients’ brands. The company has a unique vision to grow and expand across the UK and further, establishing Smarktivity as the number one sales and marketing brand in the UK.


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Get in the zone and achieve results with Smarktivity's motivation hacks