Free NLP Training and Personal Mastery resource.

News provided by Business NLP Ltd on Tuesday 13th Aug 2019

Business NLP Ltd has launched a free online NLP training resource for anyone interested in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and personal mastery. 

The site includes 85 videos and transcripts and covers NLP techniques as well as life, career, and business development. It's an essential resource for anyone wanting to achieve more in their life and career, or launch their own business.

NLP is used to help people clarify their goals and then find the most enjoyable, effective, and efficient way to achieve them.

The free resources were originally created by international NLP Coach and Trainer, Michael Beale, to support Business NLP Ltd's international clients with their bespoke training and executive coaching.  They are now available free-of-charge for anyone who is interested in improving their modelling, communicating, and influencing skills.

The resources on the site are useful to everyone - whether complete beginners wanting to find out more about NLP, or qualified NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners as refreshers on the key principles and to build upon their skills.

The site includes:

  • Introduction to Neuro Linguistic programming
    • What is NLP?
    • NLP as an adventure.
    • Mental maps.
    • What NLP can do for you.
    • How to get the most out of NLP.
  • NLP Planning
    • Why is planning important?
    • How do we sabotage ourselves?
    • A success quiz.
    • Getting the most from our time, energy, and focus.
    • Setting goals.
    • Giving and receiving feedback and feedforward.
    • Daily questions for self-improvement.
  • Coaching
    • Introduction to success systems and coaching.
    • A framework to make coaching more successful.
    • The importance and influence of emotional states.
    • Establishing and using rapport.
    • Mental rehearsal.
    • Achieving our goals.
  • NLP Techniques
    • Details of the most effective NLP techniques, including:
    • Affirmations,
    • Belief change,
    • Hypnosis,
    • Meditation,
    • Story telling,
    • Strategies, and
    • Values.
  • Sales
    • Improving our sales.
    • The customer's buying cycle.
    • Developing propositions.
    • Getting appointments.
    • Handling objections.
    • Closing the deal.
    • Asking for testimonials and referrals.
  • Recommended NLP, Coaching and Sales Books
    • Recommendations for the best NLP, coaching, and sales books.
  • Sections on relationships and health are coming in early 2020.

In addition, the site gives access to a free Facebook discussion forum, and the opportunity to take up a free trial of Business NLP Ltd's 1:1 training and coaching programmes.

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You can book a free session in Michael’s online diary or email him at

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