Florida Shootings

Islam forbids the unjustified killing of even one human

“… whoever kills a person — except for having taken a life or for having wrought mayhem in the land — commits genocide. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the lives of all humanity”, says the Holy Quran (5:32).

It is with the utmost sadness and regret that this organisation is moved to comment upon the killing of seventeen persons at a high school in Florida. It is absolutely right that the murderer’s religion was not mentioned in the news bulletins. A murderer is a criminal who does not have a religion despite favouring to apply to himself one label or another.

Clearly, the US government needs to take urgent action to tackle these killings. Severe restrictions on gun ownership go some way to providing a solution to this problem. Some years ago, Australia had a similar problem and, despite efforts by the gun lobby, managed to enact legislation prohibiting or restricting ownership of guns. This has led to the elimination of mass shootings and a marked reduction in other gun crime in that country.

Commenting on the killings this morning, the President of this organisation said: “It is sad that some organisations oppose gun control because such action will have a severe negative impact on their profitability. One must not value human life in terms of a business’s balance sheet. Unless we learn that each human life is precious people will continue to kill each other for money.”

Like Nero, the US lawmakers fiddle while innocent children are killed in schools all over the United States.

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