FireEdge Ltd Manchester Creates Brand Loyalty Through Face-To-Face Marketing

Even with increased networking opportunities, many marketers still see the more traditional face-to-face communication as one of the most effective marketing tools. FireEdge Ltd Manchester insists that creating such personal connection with customers increases brand loyalty and business growth.

Face-to-face marketing is still seen as one of the most effective tools by many UK companies in order to create brand loyalty and increase sales. It generates an estimated £9.45 billion of business for Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses ( FireEdge Ltd Manchester, a direct sales and marketing company based on Princess Street in Manchester, is representing brands on a face-to-face basis on their clients’ behalf in order to build strong relationships with consumers and increase customer retention. “We create a unique sales experience for consumers. We make a difference by being personable and building a connection with people”, says FireEdge Ltd Manchester’s managing director, Mr Adetona.

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The more compelling the customer experience is, the faster a company can boost its brand loyalty. A unique and memorable brand experience can be built through both totality and tonality. The totality of the brand experience is about completeness and consistency ( “The message to consumers needs to be consistent throughout all marketing channels a company is using to attract customers”, says FireEdge Ltd Manchester’s managing director. It is crucial to send complete and consistent messages to assure that customers know what the brand is going to deliver and what they can expect for their money each and every time. Tonality is about the spirit of the experience ( “The company vision needs to be understood by consumers and be in line with the marketing messages sent out through different channels”, explains Mike Adetona of FireEdge Ltd Manchester. With the combination of totality and tonality, FireEdge Ltd Manchester creates a memorable and unique brand experience by building an emotional connection with their clients’ customers.

FireEdge Ltd Manchester specialises on outsourced sales, marketing and customer acquisition. The company raises brand awareness on their clients’ behalf throughout the UK and help them increase customer retention and brand loyalty by using the more traditional face-to-face marketing channel.

FireEdge Ltd Manchester has exceeded the final quarter’s forecast by 9% last year and is expected to double size by the end of 2013. The company has achieved a great reputation over the past year and has raised the attention of many UK businesses looking to boost their sales figures and increase brand loyalty.

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FireEdge Ltd Manchester Creates Brand Loyalty Through Face-To-Face Marketing