Finally a DIY Sperm Quality Test That Works

MotilityCount has made a home test that measures how well the sperm cells swim. Test available in UK shops in 2014.

Following last month’s introduction of a DIY sperm count test at UK drugstores, several doctors and opinion leaders challenged the validity of the test, as it only estimates sperm count and not sperm quality. A group of Danish researchers have solved the problem by developing a test that measures the sperm cells’ ability to swim.

“Measuring how well sperm cells are swimming (referred to sperm motility) is an essential element of any analysis of male fertility at clinics and hospitals, and numerous scientific studies have consistently shown that the concentration of progressively motile sperm is the most predictive factor for male fertility”, said CEO and co-founder of MotilityCount Aps Mr Jacob Mollenbach.

Measuring sperm count is not enough

“Since the company’s formation in 2010, our goal has been to develop the world’s first valid home test for sperm quality. Any test that only measures the sperm count, and not the level of motility of the sperm, is not a valid indicator for male fertility. We saw the need for a test that actually measures how well the sperm cells swim because this motility – not the sperm count – is the true predictor of fertility”, Mr Mollenbach further elaborated.

“We are extremely happy to announce that we have succeeded in this goal and that the development of the product has been finalized. In short, we have developed a test that can distinguish whether a man has poor or normal sperm quality as defined by being below or above the threshold on the number of motile sperm cells as defined by the World Health Organisation. We have solid clinical data to prove that the test works”, Steen Laursen, PHD and Chief Science Officer at MotilityCount explained.

The product will be showcased to the public for the first time at this year’s MEDICA conference that takes place in Germany from 20–23 November. The sperm quality home-test kit will be introduced at drugstores and pharmacies in the UK and internationally in 2014 in collaboration with local licensing partners and distributors.

About male infertility

Male infertility, i.e. reduced semen quality, is a large and growing problem. As many as one in five healthy young men have abnormal sperm quality and thus a reduced chance of becoming a father. Low sperm quality and quantity are key factors behind the problems many couples experience when trying to conceive. Up to 25 per cent of all couples experience infertility, which eventually leads many of them to use assisted reproduction (ART).

Further information

MotilityCount Aps is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was founded in 2010 by experienced entrepreneurs and researchers working on in vitro fertilization (IVF). In 2011, MotilityCount Aps received funding from SEED Capital, the largest early-stage venture capital fund in Denmark.

Contact co-founder and CFO Mr Nicolaj Nielsen at 0045 25 46 25 80 or at for more information (including high-resolution pictures of the new product).

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