FieldSmartr.Com joins forces with The Longley Sales Academy in creating a unique sales app that is taking the business development world by storm!

For some time, customers have been asking for a quick, simple, effective tool to help them reinforce sales training, coach their teams and ultimately improve the accuracy of forecasting. Something which is more client centric than just a CRM system. Responding to this feedback, FieldSmartr has joined forces with The Longley Sales Academy and created a unique sales application that is taking the business development world by storm!

FieldSmartr with SalesGap fast-tracks sales performance and gives sales managers and leaders total clarity of who to coach, on what deal, and how to ensure that the business is won at the best possible margin.

Over the past few years, sales consultants have been driven by ever more complicated processes resulting in more and more time being spent inputting often quite subjective data. This means increased management time spent interpreting this information, which is often no more accurate than ‘gut’ feel, rather than reflecting what is really going on in each sales cycle.

The reality is that sales people want to be free to do what they do best, getting out there and working with their customers and prospects - not tied to their desk filling in endless reporting and CRMs. Likewise, managers want to be free to spend their time coaching and managing teams rather than being restricted by administration.

FieldSmartr with SalesGap is a naturally intuitive App that sales people, managers and leaders enjoy using because it doesn’t get in the way, it clears the way.

Simply put, it supports the sales person in:

  • Previewing each call or visit before it is made to ensure that the right questions are asked
  • Planning the diary to make the most of the time available to chase the opportunities with the best chance of winning
  • Minimising time spent on business that cannot be won at the outset
  • Reclaiming their evenings! Recording information quickly and simply during the day rather than in bulk at night.

It supports the sales manager / leader in:

  • Pinpointing who needs coaching and assistance to move the pipeline forward before it affect your business
  • Seeing sales information in real-time rather than chasing for updates.
  • Increasing the accuracy of the forecasts for board meetings
  • Motivating the team, so that they are being helped and encouraged to be the best they can be, by using objective measurements
  • Linking directly to existing in-house systems

Finally, a sales application designed by sales professionals for sales professionals. Don’t take our word for it start your 30-day free trial to see what impact FieldSmartr with SalesGap can make to your sales performance.

Contact Kit Thomas on 0800 689 5398 to book your trial TODAY or email to:

The Longley Sales Academy is a sales leadership and performance training consultancy with over 150 years of multi market experience in what it takes to build and sustain high sales performance. Currently operating in 16 countries advising and working with both SMEs and Large Corporate organisations in all aspects of sales leadership and sales performance.

FieldSmartr is the simple business development tool that not only manages individual sales processes but also takes the complexity out of your CRM or office system. Seeing potential gaps in the sale and updating client records now takes only a minute or two via the app and gives sales managers total clarity of the sales process. FieldSmartr is fully offline capable, meaning that it works whether there is an internet connection available or not.

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FieldSmartr.Com joins forces with The Longley Sales Academy in creating a unique sales app that is taking the business development world by storm!