Expansion plans make Alpha Gamma reflect on the importance of fun and travel

With rumoured plans of another UK expansion on the horizon for the Leicester-based Alpha Gamma Solutions, the outsourced sales and marketing firm have been discussing the reasons why it's important for professionals to need to have fun and broaden their horizons with travel if they want to be successful in the sales and marketing industry.

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The sales and marketing specialists, Alpha Gamma Solutions have earned the respect of many in the industry for their exceptional drive and ability to use their exuberant nature to deliver high-quality customer service. This week, rumours have emerged that the firm is on the cusp of another expansion in the UK and Alpha Gamma Solutions have used this an opportunity to explain why they think it’s important for young professionals to invest time in having fun.

A 2015 study titled ‘It Pays to Play’ found that 79 per cent of school leavers and graduates believe fun at work is important, with 44 percent of this group believing that it actually encourages a harder work ethic.

Alpha Gamma Solutions support the findings of this study and believe that if businesses want to retain top talent and develop more young leaders, then they must invest more time in offering tangible business development and mentoring opportunities.

With the firm expected to announce the details of their expansion in the next few weeks, Alpha Gamma Solutions attribute their success to their unique business model that supports and encourages young professionals to achieve their goals.

In addition to the extensive training and daily motivational workshops that they offer all of their contractors, Alpha Gamma Solutions also run regular incentives that include national and international travel opportunities and attendance to VIP industry awards galas.

The firm believes that travel and fun go hand in hand and should be used to expand horizons, develop networks and teach the essentials of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Alpha Gamma Solutions is a Leicester-based sales and event marketing firm that believes in giving customers a premium experience that encourages spreads brand awareness and encourages brand loyalty for the clients they represent. Their personalised, face-to-face approach to event marketing yields fantastic results that keep both consumer and client satisfied with their tailor made services.

Source: http://www.onrec.com/news/statistics-and-trends/new-study-reveals-fun-at-work-can-boost-productivity-and-reduce-sick-days

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Expansion plans make Alpha Gamma reflect on the importance of fun and travel