Exclusive Interview with Rego Interactions CEO Alex Davies

The Newcastle-based, customer acquisitions and events marketing firm Rego Interactions is an ambitious startup with even big goals. The company are planning international business trips to acquire new clients and are looking to have worldwide offices within the next five years. In this interview, CEO Alex Davies explains some of the essential elements needed to be a successful entrepreneur and states some of the key attributes he looks for in candidates when recruiting.

About Rego Interactions: http://www.regointeractions.com/about-us/

What motivated you to start your business?

When I finished my degree in architecture, I realised that I didn't want to go down a career path, where I wouldn't be in charge of the outcome. Being in charge of my own growth was something that was critical to me, which is what essentially motivated me to start my own business.

What would you say is the number one misconception of the sales industry and what are you doing to dispel that?

I think a common misconception of the sales industry is that there’s a set hierarchal system where it’s only the people at the top who reap the rewards of what the people at the bottom do. That is not the case at Rego Interactions. We give everyone the equal opportunity to succeed.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

I think transparency is probably the number one thing that sets us apart. I am always honest with everyone we take on board. I brief them on the level of work and effort that is required. I also make them aware of a number of professional development opportunities that we offer. Everyone at Rego Interactions started at the same point - entry level. We don't bring people on at senior levels, so everyone has gone through the same progression process, and we offer people the opportunity to progress within six to eight months if they display the qualities needed to succeed.

What are your company's goals for the next five years?

We have big ambitions for the next five years. I want to open an office in Oxfordshire, where I’m from. I also want to open new offices across the UK. The Asian market is also something that I’m looking to tap into so would be looking to expand into that territory within the next five years.

How do you generate new ideas?

I get a lot of inspiration from people who I consider to be successful in their field. I think it's imperative to surround yourself with successful people and look at ways that you can emulate their success. You then have something to work from, and you can build on that, put your own spin on it and use that to inspire new ideas of your own. It is also really important to use the resources that are open to you. Reading industry publications, listening to podcasts and going to network events are all ways that you can conceive new ideas and spur yourself on to reach the next level.

Do you believe that there is one set formula for success as an entrepreneur?

I don’t think there is one set formula, but I do believe there are some common denominators. In my experience, the most successful people all have a strong work ethic, great discipline and work from negative feedback.

What types of attributes do you look for in a candidate when you are recruiting?

One key thing we look for when interviewing candidates is something we call student mentality. We find that a lot of people you talk to just nod and agree when you’re talking to them but can’t show you that they’ve understood what you have said by putting it into practice. Someone with student mentality can take on what has been explained to them and go out and put it into practice. We believe that applied knowledge is power. If someone can retain information and implement it, then they already have the key frameworks for success, and that is a precious attribute in this industry.

Rego Interactions will soon be travelling to the US for a business rally to gain new business partners. They are also planning a few business trips around the UK and will be focussing on integrating new clients.

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