Ever wished you could tell designers what you want to wear? With Jeetly, you can.

Specialist petite label Jeetly enables its customers to play an active role in design and selection of clothes that are brought to market.

As well as voting particular pieces ‘in’ or ‘out’, women can also make suggestions about important factors such as colour, sleeve length, neck line and hem line so that only the designs they want to wear are actually manufactured and sold.

The exclusively petite brand of corporate wear was conceived by 5ft 1ins Jess Jeetly, who was fed up with the limited style and choice available for shorter women - even if she did find something she liked, it almost always had to be altered.

So the Jeetly brand was born, focusing particularly on chic, well-fitting and flattering work wear and above all, giving petite women more control over their wardrobes.
Jess said: “We’re handing the design choice and power back to the people that matter – the women who will buy our clothes.

“I want to give petite women a voice in the clothing industry. For too long our clothing choice has been limited and determined by designers and high-street retailers.
“This is the first time petite women will have control of the styles that go ahead for manufacture and they will finally have a say in a clothing industry which has ignored such a large proportion of female shoppers.”

The ‘In or Out’ feature has also become something of a social experience, with designs and comments being shared on Facebook and discussed by a community of like-minded petite business women across the world.
Customer suggestions which get the most ‘likes’ or positive responses are adopted and the newly-modified design is named after the person who put the idea forward. So if you log on to http://www.jeetly.com/in-or-out you will find the ‘Paula’ pencil skirt, the ‘Kiera’ blue V-neck dress and the ‘Carmen’ blouse, for example. Any designs that consumers don’t like are simply voted out altogether.

Hundreds of petite women are already taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Voting is open for three months before the most popular designs, plus suggested modifications, go into production for the next collection.

And in keeping with Jeetly’s ethos of timeless, all-year-round stylish pieces, collections are named after a number, rather than a season.

“Our collections are timeless; they can be worn in the spring, summer, autumn or winter,” Jess explained.

“We don’t want women to think they have to change their outfits for work every few months; they should be able to carry them for a couple of years.”

Voting is currently open for the designs which will make up Collection 2, to be launched in February.


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Ever wished you could tell designers what you want to wear? With Jeetly, you can.