Equivital and BodyCAP enter into a partnership to enhance multi‐subject ambulatory core-temperature monitoring

Equivital, a wearable technology company that offers human data insights, and BodyCAP, a microelectronic physiological monitoring company, have entered into a partnership to offer core-temperature monitoring as part of a holistic physiological data capture, transmit and analysis solution.

Through the partnership, clinical research teams will now have a solution that seamlessly integrates BodyCAP’s core-temperature monitoring with Equivital’s FDA- and CE-approved multiparameter physiological sensors and solutions. Thus, researchers will be able to seamlessly gather multi‐parametric data from many people in a format that is easy to analyse. The partnership enables the following products:

• A dedicated Equivital eViewer Performance monitor that captures data for up to eight subjects and also supports multiple core capsules per subject.
• Core body temperature analysis alongside eq02+ LifeMonitor physiological measurements for each subject.
• An optimised user flow for data analysis.

Anmol Sood, Equivital’s CEO said:
“I am excited that through this partnership we can offer our customers a single solution to capture a wider range of physiological data for use in their research. Just under half of our research community require accurate temperature monitoring alongside cardiorespiratory and activity data. By partnering with BodyCAP, we are confident that we can provide a comprehensive offering, as well as a good supply chain, ensuring that researchers can collect essential data as effectively as possible.”

Sébastien Moussay, BodyCAP’s CEO, stated:
“Equivital is a respected brand for multiparameter physiological monitoring in humans and we are happy to partner with them, as this allows us to provide an integrated offering with their medical grade products. We are pleased to expand the reach of our technology to researchers who want greater flexibility in the number of subjects and types of data. We look forward to finding other ways of making this partnership effective for our valued researchers.”

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