Entrepreneur, Andrew Brooks launches Pokito, an innovative alternative to paper cups.

7th September, 2016

Designed and manufactured in England, Pokito is an ultra-portable, durable and environmentally friendly cup which can be scrunched up to stow away in pocket, briefcase or bag after use – so you can still have your coffee on the go and it seals well; no spills if you have some coffee left over!

Pokito’s flexible design allows you to choose the size that fits your mood. Fully open, it holds 475ml, collapse it half way to 350ml or, at its smallest, to 230ml for an Espresso.

Pokito cup launches 21-22nd September at Lunch!

Four years of thought, much tinkering, engineering challenges and countless prototypes, have brought inventor and designer, Andrew Brooks, and his team to this moment.

Visit stand SU-12 in the Innovation Gallery at the Business Design Centre, Islington between Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd September 2016 to find out more about this innovative new ultra-portable cup.

Andrew Brooks, inventor and designer of the Pokito cup, states: “A tax on paper cups is fantastic news and I applaud conservative MP Rory Stewart for his original idea and the Lib Dems for taking it up.

Taxing plastic bags resulted in an 80% reduction in their usage. I hope introducing punitive measures will encourage the take-up of reusable cups - a readily sustainable solution.”

Andrew continues: “Britons use 7 million paper cups each day – that’s 7 towers each as tall as Everest - 99% of which go to landfill as, even if we use dedicated recycling bins, residue liquids spoil the majority of the waste. Of the remaining 10%, separating the 5% plastic water-proof lining, lids and sleeves costs time and energy – and the resulting recycled paper is such poor quality it is usually used for napkins or newspapers.

Millions of trees are cut down, mountain sides depleted, rivers clogged with lumber and silted up; salmon cannot spawn, local environments are destroyed and the ozone layer depleted; the energy used to make, ship and dispose of our paper cups is costly and adds to global CO2 emissions – just so that we have the convenience of a branded paper cup!”

Please go to http://www.pokito.net to register interest and find out more.

“Growing millions of trees to manufacture billions of cups for a few minutes of convenience has to be considered a wasteful and ecologically unsound practice. I do believe there has to be a better way. We can still enjoy our daily indulgence and manage to safeguard the environment for future generations.” Andrew Brooks


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