EN 13306: Good communication leads to successful Maintenance

Communication is key – we have to talk to each other and we have to document our activities!

Communication is crucial for maintenance workers. One of the most important exercises is the documentation of our activities. A transparent delivery of all maintenance tasks helps all parties involved to understand exactly what has happened and what needs to be done.

This means that the fault reports documented in our maintenance software need to sweat details in order to achieve sustainable results and improve our work.

As the information we gather needs to be useful for evaluations, it is important to establish a standardized communication for maintenance. This includes standardized error catalogues and categories and fault descriptions, an organizational manual and functional descriptions. Consistent documentation of maintenance activities will enable us to quickly spot recurring problems and possibly even eliminate them in the long run.

Maintenance according to EN 13306

EN 13306 is a standard that specifies the terminology for maintenance. It is important to understand that this is not a guide to a maintenance organization`s set up.

It is the definition of maintenance vocabulary for consistent and organization wide utilization, meaning there are no normative principles set by the standard, but a glossary of definitions that are helpful in the organisation of maintenance and maintenance planning.

It is universal maintenance lingo.

This lingo is particularly important for the structure of our maintenance organization as it will serve as a directory for all terminology concerning objects, properties of objects, failures and events, errors and conditions, types of maintenance and terminology associated with the time-tracking of various maintenance-related activities. This will help to spotlight weaknesses in the company’s own maintenance department by providing various ways of reporting and time tracking.

When measuring downtime and analyzing administrative or logistical delays, a versatile maintenance software is almost inevitable. MaintMaster works out-of-the-box with a database based on the EN 13306. This means that your object types, their order categories and much more are directly marked according to the standard. Hence, you can easily create statistics for time-tracking as defined in the EN 13306.

Of course, the structure of the database can be adapted to your needs so that it’s a perfect fit with your business.

For more information on how maintenance software helps with standardizing you maintenance processes, have a look at maintmaster.com

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EN 13306: Good communication leads to successful Maintenance