Employer Fencing - exciting new recruitment tool

This month, crooton, the recruitment solutions company, are excited to be launching their employer fencing product, which will form part of their product suite.

This unique product allows crooton, to target potential candidates on behalf of its customers, through ring-fencing specific locations (offices, manufacturing units etc.) and serving digital adverts to people who spend time in these physical spaces.

Unlike traditional geo-targeted digital advertising, the employer fencing product allows digital ads to be served to individuals once they have left these targeted areas.

“This new product will provide employers with a great new way of accessing potential candidates who may currently be employed by their competitors. Historically, identifying and targeting these specific groups of people would have been time consuming and costly. This new solution will allow organisations to reach people with details of job openings, quickly and in a very targeted way.” Stephen Anderson, MD, crooton.

“We feel confident that this new approach to accessing potential candidates, will become an important part of the recruitment mix for many businesses in 2020. There are obvious recruitment applications for this technology around competitor and trade event targeting, but also some really interesting ways it can be deployed to support with staff retention.”

For further details please contact stephen@crooton.com

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Employer Fencing - exciting new recruitment tool