Employee experience how it should be in Brighton

HiSbe, "how it should be," an innovative supermarket in Brighton highlights how rethinking the employee experience is critical to successful food retail.

Founded by Jack Simmonds, and sisters Ruth and Amy Anslow, hiSbe is a refreshingly, different kind of supermarket that puts happiness before profits.

“The profits go back into the business rather than make the shareholders rich,” says Amy Anslow, Co-Founder, hiSbe.

The hiSbe way is to give people access to food that’s more affordable, fairly sourced and more sustainable. And the team are accutely aware that you cannot underestimate the impact employee experience has on an organizations’ performance.

It’s a simple philosophy, adds Jack, Director, hiSbe:

“We put the employees, suppliers and customers at the centre of our business. We focus on really positive staff and supplier engagement. We put our profit into staff rather than shareholders and directors pockets.”

In those organisations with employees who lack motivation and morale, many do not engage with their work and do not care about the quality of customer service, or if targets are missed.

But when an organization, like hiSbe, has an engaged, productive workforce, they outperform the competition. Not just the top line, but bottom line, customer experience, innovation and many other metrics.

As a result, hiSbe is growing rapidly with an energetic, vibrant and happy working culture.

“The team is self-managing, with everybody having the authority to make decisions. It’s a pretty new concept and quite alien in retail, particularly food retail,” says Amy.

And it's working. Within the next five years, the team aspire to create a regional chain of up to 10 stores across Sussex (mostly concentrated around the Brighton and Hove area.)

Sharing the hiSbe story is critical as the business grows. Clearly communicating the values, unique employee experience and customer focus will engage more like-minded people to join the team, benefit even more local suppliers and engage more customers.

True Colours Video, an innovative London video agency, love the hiSbe story. So the team at True Colours set about sharing everything hiSbe are doing right on video.

The newly published True Colours Video clearly communicates:

  • An understanding of the hiSbe vision, strategy and contribution to its employees
  • Contagious and shareable ideas that grab attention and spur conversations
  • The voice of employees on the front line
  • The hiSbe brand values to a wider audience

The result is an uplifting and empowering video to help hiSbe acheive its ambitions.

HiSbe is on a mission to break the mold. And in partnership with True Colours Video, the newly published video helps communicate their story in the most engaging way possible - with a genuine and authentic look at what is working.

Watch the full hiSbe video

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More about HiSbe

HiSbe is a community interest company – a limited company, where profits are used for community benefit rather than private advantage. In hiSbe’s case, its social purpose is to give people access to food that’s more affordable, fairly sourced and more sustainable. HiSbe is based on eight core principles - go local, choose seasonal, protect nature, support ethical, think welfare, save fish, end waste and avoid processed. Visit: www.hisbe.com

More about True Colours Video

True Colours is the video partner for communication and employee engagement specialists. Our team has over 11 years experience in solving business challenges, digital marketing and storytelling. We are a collective of researchers, marketeers, writers and film makers on a mission to redefine employee experiences.

Based in London, True Colours is an independent agency founded on a social enterprise model that puts creating a happy experience, charging fair prices and demonstarting great value first. Companies all over the world use True Colours to make their people happier, more valuable & more productive than ever. Visit www.truecoloursvideo.com

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