EMCC is delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 Research Award

EMCC is delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 Research Award

Professor Erik de Haan

for his research

Differences between critical moments for

clients, coaches, and sponsors of coaching

Erik has over twenty-five years of experience in organisational and personal development, bringing to his work a sensitivity to what moves and motivates people, and a strong analytical ability. He aims to support people in their search for what is ‘right and just’ for themselves and for others in their organisation. Searching for and assuring people’s personal engagement appears to him a key condition for change and development.

The research started in Spring 2002 and concluded in Spring 2019, with the publication of the book Critical Moments in Executive Coaching. It starts out with the collection of a very large dataset of critical-moment descriptions (N = 561), from coachees, coaches, and also sponsors of coaching. Through rigorous analysis significant patterns were found within the dataset, which were used successfully to test hypotheses. This kind of research had never been done in the coaching or mentoring field, and has been done to a very convincing level of rigour. The researchers were able to confirm and disconfirm similar studies that had been undertaken in psychotherapy e.g. showing that in coaching, clients and coaches agree to a remarkable extent what the critical moments were and what made them critical for them.

Dr Riza Kadilar, EMCC President said ‘With our roots firmly in research since EMCC was founded in 1992, we’re delighted in this our 26th anniversary year to be launching our first ever annual research award. And who better to receive the first award then Professor Erik de Haan who has been a supporter of EMCC for many years by speaking at our conferences, contributing to our work, and enabling Ashridge to gain EMCC’s coach/mentor training award (EQA) and supervision training award (ESQA). Congratulations Erik!’.

At the awards ceremony held at the EMCC International Research Conference (4-5 July 2019, Oxford Brookes, UK), Professor Erik de Haan said ‘I feel humbled by this award and believe it is a wonderful recognition of the hard work that went in, by so many colleagues involved as ‘subjects’, researchers, interviewers and coders. In my view it is also a very positive statement about the current state of play of qualitative research in executive coaching.’

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EMCC is delighted to announce the winner of the 2019 Research Award