EMCC Global marks a world first in Team Coaching Accreditation with the launch of a new Quality Award and Professional Designation

Brussels, 18 May 2020 – EMCC Global recognises the specific challenges and factors faced by coaches who work across business and other teams, with the launch of a new Quality Award and a Professional Designation.

Team Coaching is a relatively new practice compared to individual coaching and mentoring. EMCC Global has responded to this emerging field, working with a number of valued partners to develop the TCQA (EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award) and the ITCA (EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation).

Dr Mary Hartog, EMCC Global Team Coaching WorkGroup Leader, highlights that the on-going global pandemic especially, and the need for alignment across established and ad-hoc teams, has shone a light on the importance of individuals working together as part of an effective team: ‘In the current context of lockdown from Covid-19, where team working and teaming has become virtual overnight, we can see how important team working is for now and for future work’ she said. ‘Teams are central to how organisations function. They have the greatest potential for organisational learning and performance improvement, but they need good team leaders and team coaches who can foster collaboration and support high performance behaviours.’

Team coaching uses a sustained series of conversations to raise individual and collective reflection and self-awareness. This provides a constructive challenge to thinking and behaviours, enabling teams to develop their own sustainable solutions and practices.

The new EMCC Global TCQA and ITCA Accreditations both draw from the same set of core standards, which themselves were developed, following research, extensive survey, and on-going dialogue, by EMCC Global and in collaboration with team coaches globally:

  • Multi-stakeholder contracting and relationship management
  • Multi-stakeholder diagnostics
  • Evidence-based methods of team effectiveness
  • Systems thinking and group dynamics
  • Team coaching models and approaches
  • Managing the team coaching process
  • Experimentation and adaptability
  • Partnering with other coaches and facilitators
  • Developing your own team coaching practice
  • Supervision and reflective practice
  • Understanding self and self-development
  • Self-care and resilience.

EMCC Global is indebted to all who have contributed to the consultation survey and continue to contribute to the ongoing dialogue. It is now extending the ‘testing’ and review of the global standards in the field with its renowned EMCC Global - Accredited Quality Award Providers and ‘thought leaders’.

Professor Erik de Haan, Ashridge HULT, Director of Ashridge Centre for Coaching, and colleague Dorothee Stoffels, Programme Director of the Ashridge Team Coaching for Consultants Programme, running since 2015, commented: ‘We feel it is essential that team coaches are able to provide a sound, in-depth, reflective service to leadership teams to enable them to be more effective and innovative. We welcome this important work by EMCC Global to create professional standards for team coaches that can inform a thorough Accreditation process.’

Professor David Clutterbuck and Professor Peter Hawkins said: ‘Every organisation around the world in increasingly reliant on greater teamwork to cope with growing challenges, greater complexity and uncertain environments. The skills of teaming are still often embryonic at best. We estimate that need for at least 150,000 newly qualified and accredited team coaches over the next three to five years. This is a vast challenge and possibly the biggest challenge the coaching profession has faced to-date. The EMCC Global team coaching standards will play a critical role in this evolution. As Co-Deans of the recently launched WBECS/Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), we welcome the initiative of EMCC Global in launching these standards at such a critical time.’

Denise Whitworth, EMCC Global Vice-president Accreditation said: EMCC Global Accreditation is an opportunity to engage in a rewarding professional dialogue and process of dynamic inquiry to frame our on-going practice as leaders, coaches, mentors, and supervisors. Accreditation is how we celebrate and regulate practice. It shows clients and organisations that their leaders, coaches, mentors, and supervisors are up to date, that they adhere to the Global Code of Ethics and have a depth of EMCC Global-approved practice. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in establishing this trailblazing EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award and Professional Designation and, thanks to their engagement, ensuring a continued confidence in EMCC Global accredited practitioners.’

Dr Riza Kadilar, EMCC Global President, says: ‘EMCC Global now has a presence in more than 140 countries across the world, with more than 40,000 graduates from our accredited training programmes. We are delighted to be a trusted partner of some of the most prestigious providers of training and post graduate study in the world, and more and more practitioners are choosing EMCC Global for their Accreditation because of the depth of thinking, reflection, and innovation. The fact that we have now introduced a new quality award for team coaching programmes including recommendation for professional accreditation and designation shows that our own teams and networks are innovative in adapting to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.’ 

About EMCC Global


EMCC Global, as a leading Professional Body for Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision, active in more than 140 countries across the world, exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching, and supervision globally for the benefit of society.

EMCC Global Council has the responsibility to celebrate and regulate practice and promote professionalism for all its members.

EMCC Global is very proud to be a trusted partner of some of the most prestigious providers of coaching, mentoring, and supervision training and post graduate study; and organisational executive leaders and their teams, who have established distinguished and ‘world renowned’ coach, mentor and supervision programmes.

EMCC Global Accreditation

EMCC Global Accreditation, as well as raising the professionalism of our members, gives us all – EMCC Global Council, Affiliated Countries/Regions and our wider community – reassurance about how we are maintaining professional standards and are adhering to the Global Code of Ethics.

The EMCC Global underpinning philosophy, guiding principles, and dynamic inquiry accreditation process frames our on-going practice - as leaders using mentoring and/or coaching and supervision as part of their wider leadership role, mentors, coaches, and supervisors.

EMCC Global recognises prior learning and experience in awarding individual accreditation for leaders, coaches, mentors, and supervisors. EMCC Global also integrates individual accreditation into the delivery of Quality Award certified training programmes; studying with an EMCC Global accredited provider means you are already on the path to achieving EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA).

More and more leaders, coaches, mentors, and supervisors are choosing EMCC Global for their Accreditation because of the dynamic inquiry approach and assessment ‘in’ and ‘for’ learning – there are now more than 40,000 graduates from EMCC Global accredited training programmes worldwide.

EMCC Global celebrates the work of leaders, individual coaches, mentors, and supervisors, and programme managers; training programmes, and organisations:

  • § EQA (EMCC Global Quality Award) for training providers, showing that their courses meet the standards and content commensurate with EMCC Global requirements
  • Including EIA (EMCC Global Individual Accreditation) for coaches and mentors, awarded at Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, and Master Practitioner level
    • § EQA Bespoke Programmes – short courses/modules
  • § ESQA (EMCC Supervision Quality Award) for supervision training providers, parallel to EQA as above,
  • including ESIA (EMCC Individual Supervision Accreditation)
    • ISMCP (International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes) organisational strategy, leadership, and programme design internally and/or externally; coach and/or mentor matching, programme delivery, programme management, and impact evaluation
  • § PMQA (EMCC Global Quality Award for Programme Manager Training)
  • including IPMS (EMCC Global Individual Programme Manager Accreditation)
    • § TCQA (EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award)
  • including ITCA (EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation).

For more about EMCC Global Accreditation see www.emccglobal.org/accreditation or contact accreditation@emccglobal.org

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EMCC Global marks a world first in Team Coaching Accreditation with the launch of a new Quality Award and Professional Designation