Eli Elkoubi: Get Out and Play Golf for Physical and Mental Wellness

Studies show that stress levels increased significantly across the world within the recent past. The fact is, humans are social beings, hence the absence of social interactions is often debilitating. In the present state, people are required to remain far away from social interactions. This has resulted in the deterioration of both physical and psychological wellbeing among the masses.

Eli Elkoubi, a golf enthusiast, recommends playing golf for both physical and mental wellbeing. “Being an outdoor activity, the game of golf features a positive impact on mental health”, he said in a press briefing.

The onset of the pandemic saw the cancellation of sporting events for nearly an entire year. This explains the thrill that followed the announcement of the reopening of England’s golf course. When the event occurred, it brought together a bunch of enthusiastic professional and amateur golfers.

Mental Awareness

During the mental health awareness week, some golfers were interviewed. Some of them, including Mr. Elkoubi, explained that golfing wasn't just about hitting the ball and getting it into the hole. It involves tons of workouts that come with many other health benefits. Note that the National Health Service recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of workout weekly. Golfers achieve this in one round during the game.

Besides the physical workout, the scenic beauty within the golf course that results from the well-maintained landscape brings a sense of relaxation, which is important in stress management.


Socialization is that the other important ingredient to healthy mental wellbeing. The golf courses are that the best place to meet new people, make friends and even establish business networks. This socialization is more important to people who live by themselves and their line of work doesn't allow them to socialize a lot. Mr. Eli Elkoubi recommends that such people should join a golf club and find time to play a minimum of once every week for the sake of their social life and subsequently psychological health.

Playing golf involves twisting the body and the wrist. The distance that the player will manage to hit the ball depends on the muscles’ flexibility and strength. Physical fitness brings about a sense of confidence, positivity, and happiness.

There is evidence that physical fitness minimizes the chances of someone developing memory complications such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's. The human brain works better after physical exercise, which also promotes better sleeping habits.

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