Element Events Focus on Boosting Customer Numbers

Working on behalf of UK brands, Element Events is on a mission to increase their client’s customer acquisition and retention. The firm has spoken about their ability to draw in consumers, and how this is benefiting both their clients and their own long-term growth plans.

Based in Manchester, Element Events is a collective of marketing experts, working together to combine all the elements of their clients' marketing needs to create bespoke and engaging marketing and sales campaigns. The firm actively believes that in today’s fast moving world the scope for consumers to form real connections with brands in diminishing and as such, specialise in in-person marketing communications to provide a platform for meaningful communication. This personalised approach is helping brands to forge a better market reputation and retain a higher percentage of loyal customers.

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Due to the success of their services so far, Element Events released a statement this month confirming that that have big goals for 2017 and are looking to growth so that they can offer their services to new clients, and gain a much greater market reach for their existing ones. The overall aim of the company’s growth strategy is to significantly increase the number of consumers they are acquiring for their clients, and in light of this, the firm has been investigating some of the ways the UK's biggest brands approach customer acquisition.

The firm began by looking at online craft community Etsy, a platform where designers can set up their own online shop to sell their products. Stepping away from their previous desire to advertise online, the company recently took a more personalised, cost-effective approach to bringing in new customers to sell through the platform – visiting local craft fairs and speaking to them directly about how Etsy could help them further their businesses. In a similar approach, taxi service Uber also targeted consumer demand at its source to increase its acquisition and recently began running promotions during concerts and events.

Element Events has been taking a similar low-cost high-impact approach and has been using face to face interactions to draw in and engage with their clients' consumers

Much like how Uber and Etsy have been reaching out to consumers and reacting to their needs, Element Events’ direct approach is allowing their clients' brands to really understand the needs of consumers and build a positive reputation for a tiny percentage of the cost of traditional mass marketing techniques.

By putting the consumer at the heart of their marketing strategies and shifting their focus to building stable relationships with consumers, Element Events in confident that they will be able to significantly increase their clients’ customer numbers – leading to long-term sustainable brand growth.

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Element Events Focus on Boosting Customer Numbers