Elderly Tablet Users Face Double The Risk Of Injuring Themselves

New research also shows a growing trend in tablet related injuries among elderly users

Key findings:

  • New research shows elderly tablet users are the most at risk of injuring themselves
  • Research compiled by iBeani shows an increase in tablet injuries as users get older
  • These injuries can cause prolonged pain, aching, and restricted movement
  • Researchers suggest not using devices as frequently or using tablet stands

Shocking new research produced by iBeani has revealed that elderly tablet users are the most at risk of injuring themselves when using tablet devices. Based on research compiled from supporting whitepapers, the figures show that:

Elderly tablet users face up to twice the risk of injuring themselves when using tablet devices.

These tablet injuries vary considerably and include musculoskeletal disorder, tendonitis, headaches, and insomnia. The effect of these injuries are multiplied exponentially when factoring in existing diseases and health problems commonly found in elderly users. An interesting study from our research revealed that elderly users reported higher than average pain scores compared to younger participants when completing a series of tasks involving heavy devices.

Also uncovered in the research is the increasing trend in tablet injuries not just limited to the elderly generation. One study showed that 62.8% of participants experienced some kind of tablet injury when using their tablet for less than 3 hours a day. While 75.8% of participants experienced symptoms when using their tablet for more than 6 hours a day.

Without the correct tablet habits and education, many users can seriously injure themselves from daily tablet use. To combat this, many researchers suggest not using tablets as frequently or using suitable tablet stands to take the weight and strain off the user’s body.

About iBeani: iBeani is a tablet stand manufacturer based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Founded in 2015, iBeani designs and produces a range of unique tablet stands for mobile and tablet devices. The company has also partnered with several high profile organisations and charities in the past including the National Gallery & Cancer Research UK.

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