Eating a Nic's Keto Healthy Fatty Diet Reduce Body Weight and Improve Cardiovascular Health Markers!

TRC GEN+ is happy to confirm that Prof. Nikolaos Tzenios PH.D. may have found the golden grail of Health with the optimal diet where eating a healthy fat diet reduces body weight and improves cardiovascular health markers.

The high-quality clinical research organization "KGK Science" Canada investigated Nic's Keto Diet's efficacy on cardiovascular Health in an open-label clinical study.


"KGK Science" examined healthy men and women with mildly elevated LDL cholesterol levels over a period of 140 days.

The study's findings have shown that participants had a significant 4.41% reduction in body fat percentage.

Participants' body weight was significantly reduced by 8.55kg.

After five months of adherence to the diet plan, participants showed a significant decrease in their total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, an increase in the HDL cholesterol, the "good cholesterol," and a significant reduction in blood sugar levels.

Overall, the study results suggest that Nic's Keto Diet may be used to improve body composition and markers of cardiovascular health.

Professor Nikolaos Tzenios is a Professor of Public Health, Fellow of The Royal Society for Public Health (UK), Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Associate ACADEMICIAN of the International Academy of Social Sciences, Member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, Member of The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Member of the Royal Society of Biology and a Postgraduate student at Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program, Department of Postgraduate Medical Education, Harvard Medical School.

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Eating a Nic's Keto Healthy Fatty Diet Reduce Body Weight and Improve Cardiovascular Health Markers!