doodroo™ transforms the iPad with an Apple Pencil into a real paper notebook

The iPad finally becomes a real paper notebook. doodroo has managed to recreate a screen protecting film with the same resistance and sound of a pencil writing on paper. An extraordinary result to date and long dreamed of by artists and writing enthusiasts, working on their iPads, missing a natural surface.

Before doodroo™, using the Apple Pencil offered a very different experience from paper. Being that the traction of the Pencil on the iPad screen was almost non-existent, due to its smooth surface. As a result, designers and artists could not experience the same feeling of natural support, hence many shy away from the use of digital devices.

From today however, everything changes thanks to doodroo, who created a special screen protecting film. Tests have shown that Apple Pencil has a resistance of 0,24 – 94% – whilst using a

doodroo. In comparison a pencil on paper has a resistance of 0,25, practically recreating the natural way to draw or write.

The special film thus becomes a fundamental tool both for technical and creative drawing. It helps to maintain the precision when drawing lines, subsequently the same panache when drawing on paper.

“Astounding. It seems to write on my old notebook, including the noise of the pencil.”

“Satisfying sensation of writing on real paper with equal stroke precision. great product.”

These enthusiastic comments of one of the first test users of the doodroo film.

With our film we have managed to give Apple Pencil a natural resistance, declares Annalisa Romita, CEO of Batch International, owner of doodroo.

Basically, doodroo is the ideal junction between the Apple Pencil and the iPad. Useful and perhaps also necessary for professionals of all mankind; From artist to architect, from tattoo artist to designer, from student to teacher and from employees to managers. And whilst at it, why not even musicians, who transcribe their sheet music, Romita continues.

In addition to these characteristics, the doodroo film protects the iPad screen from scratches and

thanks to its anti-glare surface, it’s usable under any light condition. With no lack in response, the Apple Pencil has never felt so natural, as well as comfortably using it with fingers. The film is fully functional not only with Apple Pencil but also with any compatible stylus.

doodroo™ is a brand of Batch International led by professionals who have been operating in the world of solutions for the Apple world for over 20 years. Batch International is one of the few companies in the world of smartphone and tablet protections to have developed over 5 patents between Europe and Asia. doodro™ is exclusively available on the

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