Don’t get caught in the net

We know they’re out there, watching and tracking our every move; governments controlling what we can see and where we can visit, ISPs gathering data to potentially exploit, hackers just looking for a chance; there’s been little we could do about it – until now.

Boxpn, leaders in developing safe, secure internet freedom tools; have introduced their latest virtual private network product, Boxpn VPN Service Provider.

Users become ‘anonymous’ as Boxpn creates a virtual tunnel with their PC and firewalls. All internet activity is secured with 2048 bit encryption (SSL encryption is typically only 128 bit) giving 3.23 x 10616 possible combinations; even one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, IBM’s Blue Gene, at around 360 trillion operations per second, would take over a million years to break that key!

Boxpn VPN opens doors too, almost literally, by unblocking websites that the ‘Big Brother’ in any country has chosen to restrict. As a user you are free to go anywhere.

This corporate grade internet security is supported by over 200 VPN Server networks giving further protection. This also includes routing options, and universal access to services such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, Spotify and rDio, to name but a few. These are accessible even where they were previously territorially restricted.

All systems and networks are themselves protected by the latest corporate grade threat management gateways, firewalls and anti-malware filters meaning that the user has nothing to fear from network attacks, bugs, or any other malware invading their machine.

All Boxpn data centres are equipped with high-end servers with multi-Xeon CPUs. All our servers are secured with hardware based firewalls, threat management gateways and anti-malware systems. Our global network also uses the 220G bit hi-speed backbone of PlusServer AG, iOmart, Redstation, Leaseweb, Softlayer Technologies Inc, UK2 Group, Portlane and iWeb Technologies which have direct connections to the largest and most reliable providers in the US, European and Asia. This infrastructure creates one of the fastest and safest VPN service connections in the World.

A company spokesman for Boxpn said, “We have created this product to get back what we thought was our right in the free world; the freedom of privacy and the freedom to make our own decisions as we explore these exciting new dimensions.”

All of this is available for just a few pounds per month, a small price to pay for freedom.

Feel safe, be free

Boxpn VPN

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Boxpn VPN Service Provider
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