Dominant Worldwide Improve Marketing ROI through Data Analysis

Outsourced Sales firm Dominant Worldwide use data analysis to improve the firm’s Marketing ROI. The Manchester based firm reflect on why defining a target market is essential within the competitive sales and marketing industry.

Dominant Worldwide is an innovative and successful outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Manchester city centre. The firm is responsible for marketing brands and products to customers on behalf of their clients. DominantWorldwide report real-time sales data using iPads that includes location by postcode and age range, allowing the firm to utilise real information about their customers.

The face to face marketing strategies used by Dominant Worldwide apply directly to specific customers. Having the knowledge of consumer preferences enable suggesting specific products and promotions to each consumer possible. Through the use of direct marketing methods, Dominant Worldwide can collect information about the actual customer purchasing a product. This allows the firmto tailor their campaigns to specific target audiences.

Defining your target market gives a company the information needed to focus on the buyers that are interested in the services and products on offer. This can save a company both time and money in an ever-changing society. It is imperative for Dominant Worldwide to understand the target market for their client’s products and services. The firm use their target market to design a personalised business strategy for different demographics and customer audiences; this way, the firm can reach customers much quicker on behalf of their clients at the same time not investing as much into the marketing strategy to get results. Dominant Worldwide define their target market to ensure the firm provides a more focused and more effective marketing strategy and guarantee a greater return on the clients marketing investment.

Due to the personalised nature of direct sales and marketing campaigns, a wealth of information can be collected surrounding consumers and their spending habits but all businesses that keep any information on living and identifiable people must comply with the Data Protection Act. Dominant Worldwide and their clientele all abide by the Data Protection Act that is enforcedto protect customers. The firm’s Data Protection Policy covers all mechanisms by which data is collected, including via iPads at the point of sale and paper records.

Customer focused companies like Dominant Worldwide are dependent upon their customer – without customers, the firm would not exist.

Dominant Worldwide strongly believe that an understanding of their target market is an essential component of direct sales. Without this understanding, sales would not be made and if no sales are made, no money is made and the business will collapse. ‘Here at Dominant Worldwide, a key function of our business model is to analyse our
target market. With the results, we are able to sell and market in a more effective and efficient way for our clients’ said Managing Director Mariyana Loz.


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Dominant Worldwide Improve Marketing ROI through Data Analysis