Dog Desk Animal Awards 2021: Winners revealed including unsung hero who raised £70,000 for charities

Winners are honoured by the voting public for their dedication & determination to improve the lives of animals

Animal welfare organisation Dog Desk Animal Action joined forces with dog DNA database DNA Protected to announce the winners of the 2021 awards in an online event in aid of Dog Desk Animal action’s spay & neuter programme. Dog Desk Animal Action aims to spay & neuter two thousand homeless dogs to reduce street suffering in stray communities.

Michelle Robertson Dog Desk Animal Action director said “It has been an absolute pleasure to run the awards this year. Each candidate in every category was nominated by & voted for by members of the public. All nominations represent the best there is in the animal welfare community & each winner gives us hope for a better future as well as inspiring us to do the best we can for the causes we care about”

“It is heart warming to tell the stories of some of the bravest people in the animal welfare community such as a lady who rescued ninety-one pigs from an abuse case & cares for them single handed, working from dawn to dusk to ensure their needs are met”

The awards were held online & free to view as Dog Desk Animal Action, who run a pet food bank had concerns that ticket sales, although much needed, may be a barrier to those suffering financial hardship. Michelle told us that “inclusion is important to our organisation, nobody should be excluded from an event of this nature for financial reasons. We asked for donations from attendees who were able to give instead of charging a fee that not everyone may be able to afford”

Animal Welfare Organisation Of The Year – Miracles’ Mission

A vegan led charity founded by Victoria Bryceson, Miracle’s Mission provides a place of safety for vulnerable animals. Education is an important part of the charities mission, providing animal care information to the poorest countries with an emphasis on the importance of spay & neuter. Miracle’s Mission rehabilitate dogs in need including those with disabilities. The organisation has done great work in reducing the stigma regarding dogs with disabilities, proving that it is possible for dogs with disabilities to lead long & happy lives.

Outstanding Service to Animal Welfare – Dr Aurelian Stefan

Romania Animal Rescue DBA Animal Spay Neuter International (founded by Nancy Janes) medical director Dr Aurelian Stefan won this years award for outstanding service to animals with a record-breaking number of votes, Dr Stefan received more votes than every other category combined. He is a pioneer for the humane control of Romania’s stray dog population. He takes part in “spayathons,” which take medical facilities to the countryside in order to perform these much-needed surgeries. To date the organisation has sterilised a staggering 95,000 dogs & cats.

Animal Campaigner of The Year – Dr Daniel Allen

Dr Allen, in collaboration with The Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance (Debbie Matthews) leads an evidence-based campaign to make pet theft a specific offence with appropriate sentencing to reflect the devastating consequences of this evil crime. Dr Allen has led three successful parliamentary petitions each garnering in excess of 100,000 signatures. The campaign for pet theft reform has cross party support in addition to the backing of many charities & the public. Dr Allen’s academic papers have led to the pet theft task force recommending that pet theft be made a specific crime.

Animal Related Business – Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk

Joe Nutkins director of dog training for Essex & Suffolk is a published author & broadcaster in addition to being a dog trainer & is well known in the animal welfare community as someone you can rely on to deliver quality advice with a very friendly smile. Joe is dog mum to vulnerable native breed Norwich terriers Merlin & Ripley who are well known on the trick circuit with Echo the house duck joining them recently gaining the accolade of world’s first trick duck. In addition to paid work Joe dedicates a great deal of time offering free advice to keep dog families together.

Animal Related Podcast or Other Audio Show – One of The Family Nicky Campbell

One of the Family is quite possibly the most loved animal related podcast to come out of the United Kingdom. It explores our relationship with dogs & theirs with us. Delivered through interesting & engaging conversations with experts & dog people from all walks of life. Nicky hosts in a friendly inquisitive style with a dash of humour & plenty of kindness. Professionally produced by Nicky who also writes & performs his own music it is a labour of love constructed purely to share his love for animals with listeners.

Inspirational Vegan of The Year – Peter Egan

Actor Peter Egan is well known for his roles in Ever decreasing Circles, Downtown Abbey & Unforgotten. Peter became a vegan in 2016 after several years of vegetarianism. Peter is a very well-respected member of the animal welfare community lending his voice to multiple campaigns & causes which seek to improve outcomes for non-human animals. Peter’s kindness & compassion combined with his willingness to support other animal advocates where possible contributes to his popularity among his peers, he is the king of compassion & inspires us all.

Lockdown Buddy – Mr Stumpjumper

During lockdown, many people found themselves in extended periods of isolation. Nick Austwick was one such person whose sanity was saved by a one handed squirrel who would visit his window looking for chestnuts each day. These encounters kept Nick’s connection with nature intact & the friendship that developed between human & squirrel became an important factor in maintaining positive mental attitude during that difficult time.

Unsung hero – Paul Christian

Paul Christian whose day job has him caring for humans struggling with poor mental health was chosen by Dog desk Animal Action for the unsung hero award 2021 for his commitment to animal welfare charities. Paul has raised more than £70,000 in his spare time for the benefit of elephants, lions, disabled dogs & others. He has hosted celebrity auctions, skydived & done fun runs to raise money over the years. An unassuming man who seeks no reward for his efforts, his only motivation being the love he has for animals.

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