Destroy the Deep State in This Exciting Conspiracy Theory Puzzle Game

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London, UK: Following the success of their previous two puzzle books, Last Atom Studios announces the upcoming launch of their new kickstarter, Destroy the Deep State. This narrative-driven puzzle book has a unique and appealing art style inspired by classic graphic novels. As the name suggests, Destroy the Deep State leads you on a satirical journey through a web of popular conspiracy theories to discover the truth about the Deep State and their plans. As you progress through the book you scan QR codes to hear a narration of the story and use the solutions to each of the 50 puzzles to access secret audio files.

Puzzle Designer and founder of Last Atom Studios, Tom Farnell, said "We have been working hard to create new challenging puzzles and believe integrating them with a QR Code - Audio system adds an exciting new dimension. We use the system to reveal what happens next when the correct solution is entered, but if you get stuck at any point, puzzles can be skipped without missing out on the main narrative." Petru Rey, Story Creator, had this to say, "Over the past few years we have seen belief in conspiracy theories is on the rise, from COVID-19 vaccine microchips and deadly 5G to old classics like Area 51. We are fascinated by the absurdity of these conspiracy theories and the contradictions between them. Imagine if all conspiracy theories were true at once! We thought this would be an hilarious premise for a satirical story, and that's how Destroy the Deep State was born. The first 14 pages of the book, including the first 3 puzzles, are available as a FREE ebook for anyone to try.

The Team:

Tom Farnell, Puzzle Design & Kickstarter Coordinator;

Sam Grundy, Illustration & Social Media Manager;

Petru Rey, Story, Audio & Web Design;

About Last Atom Studios: A puzzle book brand based in London, UK. Previously raised $20,000 on Kickstarter to bring two puzzle books to life. The campaigns are known for intriguing puzzles and beautiful add-ons. After Tom's last puzzle book, Blackbeard's Journal, raised $15,000 on Kickstarter, he decided to collaborate with friends to attempt a more ambitious project with a new art style and integrated audio narration.

DDS FREE ebook Sample

Previous Puzzle Game: Blackbeards Journal

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