Denture & Removable Oral Appliance Cleaning Tablets, With Added Power & Fizz.

Dentures and other removable oral appliances can present a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast-like fungal growth such as Candida albicans. If not removed, fungal growth can result in candidiasis in the mouth or throat (also known as oral thrush). However, although bacteria may be removed with standard denture cleaning tablets, fungal growth can be more difficult to deal with. This was highlighted in a study which showed that fungal growth was not removed from dentures, even after brushing and using standard denture cleansing tablets.1

As well as technical considerations, the aesthetic aspect of denture cleaning product packaging needs to be considered, especially when younger wearers of a removable oral appliances such as retainers, braces, sports guards, bruxism guards and TMJD devices are concerned. Such younger customers may feel they have no choice but to use products targeted at a mostly older demographic of denture wearers. There may even be a twinge of embarrassment at the checkout as, let’s face it; the packaging of many denture tablets is not that cool.

Retail pharmacy stores in the UK usually have a good selection of denture cleaning products but until now, they haven’t stocked a product that is deep cleaning, disinfecting and yeasticidal. FreshGuard® effervescent tablets are individually wrapped and have extra power and fizz to clean, disinfect2 and remove yeast like-fungal growth3 from dentures, removable retainers, braces, sports guards, bruxism guards and TMJD devices. The retail pack is fresh, clean and modern so will not embarrass at checkout and will look great in any bathroom.

We are pleased to announce that LloydsPharmacy is now stocking FreshGuard® and it is available online and in larger LloydsPharmacy stores.

SSP: £6.95 for pack 16 tablets. Recommended weekly clean.

1 Impact of Denture Cleaning Method and Overnight Storage Condition on Denture Biofilm Mass and Composition: A Cross-Over Randomized Clinical Trial Duyck J, Vandamme K, Krausch-Hofmann S, Boon L, De Keersmaecker K, Jalon E, et al. (2016).

2 Only products tested and classified as an EU class iib medical device accessory can display a claim that the product is disinfecting.

3 Tested and certified to European Standard EN 13624 (2013).

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