Demand for Healthcare Mandatory Training Prompts Daily Courses to Be Introduced in Central London

Global Health Professionals Ltd (GHP) announced last week that their Mandatory Training will now be conducted daily at their central London training facility.

Early-2013 has seen controversial NHS reforms, reports on preventable mistakes in hospitals and a shocking enquiry into a hospital in Stafford, all leading to a sharper focus on healthcare training. With an increased demand from healthcare staff, Global Health Professionals Ltd, a training institute based in London Bridge, has announced an increased frequency of mandatory training courses which will now take place on a daily basis.

Following the recent £13m public enquiry into the scandal at Stafford Hospital which reported between 400 and 1,200 more deaths than would have been expected, a critical eye has been turned on the NHS particularly looking at the care provided by healthcare professionals. New proposals to shake up NHS care mean that mandatory training courses, such as those offered by Global Health Professionals Ltd, are particularly important to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and efficient functioning of healthcare organisations.

Under controversial reforms proposed by health secretary Jeremy Hunt it will now be essential for nurses to spend up to a year undertaking hands on work, such as helping patients eat, wash and get dressed – work usually done by healthcare assistants. The shake-up sees further focus on training and Global Health Professionals Ltd has been met with a greatly increased demand for mandatory training courses for healthcare staff. Covering modules such as resuscitation, fire safety and people handling, this training is compulsory to keep safety awareness at a maximum and ensure that staff meet post-registration training needs.

Mandatory training is essential to ensure public confidence in NHS services and helps staff meet legal compliance, which is increasingly important as the NHS is put in the limelight. To keep up with growing demand from healthcare providers, Global Health Professionals Ltd has announced that it will be expanding its training schedule, now offering mandatory training courses on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. John Lantron, GHP Ltd Lead Trainer at Global Health Professionals Ltd, says: ‘We are proud be announcing that our Mandatory Training will be taking place on a daily basis.

Increasing the frequency of the course is due to the demand by healthcare professionals in central London. Improving staff confidence and ensuring they are aware of up-to-date techniques are just a few of the benefits our participants have reported upon completion of our training courses’.
Keeping staff up to date with continually developing techniques and technologies is vital, particularly in areas such as people handling where poor technique could lead to staff or patient injury and organisations at risk of criticism. With the vision of providing training that is differentiated and continuously improving, Global Health Professionals Ltd regularly review course content ensuring that mandatory training is kept up to date, which leaves some hope that scandals in the NHS will be a thing of the past.

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Demand for Healthcare Mandatory Training Prompts Daily Courses to Be Introduced in Central London